Catholics and Proestants, HELP with Matt18:17-18


Matt 18:17-18And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.
The church is the church of God,so how can you tell the church if it is not visible and how do you hear the church, it must be a visible Church.
What Church was around in about 45ad that is still here today in 2006,WHAT CHRISTIAN CHURCH WAS HERE IN 45AD AND TODAY ?
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ohh ohh thats easy. lakewood church:thumbsup:


Hi Will, most protestants believe in the local church.

Thus, the passage speaks of discipline of the local church.

So, they would likely go to their Pastor, deacons, or elders.


Hello Daniel

What happens when a protestant couple are members of two different churches? Lets say the couple is deciding whether or not to abort their expected child, they go to the Bible and cannot come to an agreement with what the Bible says on the matter so they go to their respected churches. Her church tells her that abortion is absolutely prohibited while his church tells him that abortion is not prohibited and the issue would be better left up for them to decide. Which church is right? could this couple faithfully carryout this passage of scripture, to “tell it unto the church”?

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oooooooooooooh, Roman Catholic! :thumbsup:

Can’t wait for Daniels response on that!:cool:


Have you ever heard of ‘prayer’? Try it, it works. :thumbsup:


The point of this exercise is to illustrate that there is a need for one authoratative Church. One that is able to make judgement in matters of Faith and Morals…

It is also to illustrate the fact that this is what we have…One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church


Easy, that would be THE Church, the Body of Christ everywhere.

But the immediate reference is to the elders of the local body.


The bible clearly states that murder is a sin hence killing a baby is sin. I dont know any protestant churches that would disagree on this point.:thumbsup:




I do.

The United Church of Canada is officially “pro-choice,” and I know a young woman (she even attended my UCC Sunday School one year) who was actually driven to an abortion clinic by her UCC pastor, when she mentioned to him that she had gotten herself into trouble. :frowning:

They are also supporting Robert Latimer, the Dad who gassed his disabled 12 year old daughter Tracy to death, in the cab of his truck. Did he know he was wrong to do that? Well, after he was sure she was dead, he moved the body and put it in her bed, to make it look like she had died in her sleep.

But the UCC doesn’t even have that much conscience - they say that he did “the only merciful thing.” :rolleyes:



I most certainly know protestant churches that allow the couple to decide for themselves on the matter, non-denominational churches especially (my fiacne was a member of one :eek: ). I just had this talk yesterday with a non-denominational friend of mine, his response, “a church should never step in and tell someone what they can and can’t do, if me and my wife were to ever have an abortion that would be between my wife and I”.

btw ALLFORHIM this was a hypothetical situation, the couple could just as easy have had a disagreement on birth control, or the baptism of their child.

God Bless


Well shame on them. They obviously do not follow biblical principle 100%.:frowning:




I agree :thumbsup:

God bless


the bible doesn’t clearly define when life begins. Everyone agrees murder is wrong. the disagreement is when life begins.

that is where the church comes in.


Yup you are correct . abortion is a sin…my church never agree to abortion is correct

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