Catholics and Salvation


Hi All
I have seen the question asked on whether Catholics believe Protestants will be save or not.
I would like to reverse the question here and ask Protestants if you believe that Catholics will be saved or not.
Please expand on your thoughts if you would as I would like to know reason for your opinion.


Of course Catholics will be “saved”…it is the work of God through Christ.


What do YOU think, NonDenom?


I think that many Catholics who think they will be saved will not be and many that think their chances are small will be.

For example most catholics I know in person believe they are saved because they were baptized and they “are good/nice” people. Or the other common response would be “because their parents were Catholic.” (BTW don’t even start with me, I know the church doesn’t teach these things but they are believed anyhow)

In comparison, most Catholics I talk to on this board, Really do love God and follow Him.

So first group probably not, second group, probably so. I can’t say for sure cause, well I’m not God.


I’ve never heard a Catholic say he/she is saved “because their parents were Catholic.”

That’s nepotism at it finest! :smiley:


Any individual Catholic has as much chance at salvation as any other individual on this planet.


Protestants and Catholics are all Christians. We all believe in our Lord, we all believe that He died for our sins and rose again. We are all trying to live our lives according to Christ’s example. Protestants will be saved and Catholics will be saved.


Hi Antwill
While I appreciate your opinion, this question is for Protestants. I didn’t ask this question for Catholics to give side of the story. I don’t want to sound harsh or mean spirited, I was just looking for Protestants to give their opinion on the matter.


I’m happy not to give my opinion, and, if you’ll notice, I did not. Being Catholic, it isn’t necessary for me to give my opinion on this subject.

My first post was just because I was just curious where you stand on the subject, seeing how you started the thread.

My second was just an attempt to inject a little humor (evidently unappreciated). Sorry!! :frowning:


Sorry Antwill it’s hard to find it funny when you already found it to be real.


Well, I think it’s enormously funny…!!

I’d laugh my backside off if I ever heard anyone actually SAY that.

…then I’d spend the next hour and a half explaining why I found that so hysterically funny, of course…

I do like the image of the “legacy introduction meeting tent” just outside the pearly gates, though. <snark!> :slight_smile:

Mahalo ke Akua…!
E pili mau na pomaikai iaoe. Aloha nui.


:tsktsk: it’s not funny when people are going to hell and think they aren’t.


Warning. Catholic Interjection!

I think a better way to phrase the question would be, “Protestants, do you think a practicing Catholic who believes everything The Church teaches will be saved?”

That might get you more of the answer you’re looking for, as many people I know would say “Yeah they can be saved,” but they don’t often mean even if that Catholic practices their faith.

Interjection Done. Sorry


Salvation has nothing to do with where you happen to go to worship, if anywhere. No I’m not a fundementalist…


Sorry for yet another intrusion from a Catholic :wink:

Syele, this is probably the best response anyone can give to the question of whether an individual or group is going to be ‘saved.’ And, it is a thoroughly Catholic answer, too! :thumbsup:


You’re obviously a Protestant. Do you have an answer to your own question?


Well, since I can’t tell who is and who isn’t going to hell, when someone tells me they know who is and who isn’t going to hell, I find their telling me that to be rather amusing, since I can see that they don’t see that they can’t see what they think they do see, and that’s the essence of “slap-stick”.

Perhaps my “shocking behavior” of laughing at this comical situation might make them curious as to why I find it humorous and they don’t? …assuming they don’t, of course.

In any case,… I’m not laughing at someone possibly going to hell. I’m laughing at an absurd situation of misunderstanding.


It looks like the only ones interested in this thread so far are almost entirely Catholics. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that a Protestant has created a “Protestants Only” thread at a Catholic website. :confused:


In full agreement with you.


You will find a range of positions. Many Catholics adhere strongly to the ‘no salvation outside of the church position’, though others believe Protestants can and will be saved. It depends on their understanding of the Church teaching and tradition on this matter, combined with theological opinion.

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