Catholics and statues

:)What is the need for statues in the Church?

We sacrifice virgins to them.

Just kidding: :slight_smile:

They are objects of contemplation directing our attention to God. I think of them like I might a painting of a landscape. I know the painting is not the landscape but it makes me think of or reflect on a landscape.

I love the Crucifix.

Ok the best way to respond is this, say the most loved person in your life is your dad and he dies. Are you going to just forget about him and get rid of every object affiliated with him? No, you are going to at least keep photographs of him. or say you have a role model, say its einstein, and so you have a poster or two of him. We have images of people to remember them, to remember their influence on the lives of everyone else. We have statues to remember our brothers and sisters and mother who have fallen asleep (or assumed into heaven in the case of our mother) and to focus on God whom we all serve or try to serve. The point of a statue is just another form of art to help us remember them.

that was funny!

What is the need for pictures of your wife and kids on your desk, or of your parents in the living room?

Even more profound: why did the Word become flesh and inhabit among us?

:rotfl: I swear I died of laughter!

this is the best answer I have ever heard for this question! Thanks for the laugh.:smiley:

I see the statues as a family reunion. While the statue isn’t alive it’s figure like structure brings back the memories of that one persons life.

It is also a way of showing that the Church Triumphant is present during Mass.

Another way of showing icons, statues, candles, and pictures is to show the glory of God.

Here are a few websites:



Catechism of the Catholic Church - Sacramentals

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Aren’t they idols? Should we make idols? Not according to scripture.


Just like the golden angels on the Ark of the Covenant that God commanded the Israelites to make weren’t idols but they were images (Exodus 25:18-22)

Just like the bronze serpent that God commanded Moses to make wasn’t an idol but it was an image (Numbers 21:8-9)

King Solomon’s temple was fall of statues and images (1 Kings 6:23-29, 35, 7:29),

You’re right! But should we make images? Yeah, as you see, scripture’s okay with that.

But are all images idols? No

Perhaps as long as we need them.

There shall be no God’s before me.

And the statues are not gods and Catholics do not believe they are.

Have you read the scriptures presented in my previous post?

I think it’s funny that some Protestants go nuts about statues, and then put up posters of Jesus in their homes and churches!

ummm no.

Exactly, and they aren’t gods, and we don’t put them before God. God is always first. So no problem there.

how is having a statue of Jesus in your church worshiping an idol?

I say “better safe than sorry.” Unnecessary and the possibility to become an idol to some or graven image is all to present.

Being an artist myself it is hard to fabricate or create any sculpture without making me ponder the question/s…

“How or what is this representing?”

“Is this or could this be a possible graven image?”

“To create something that might possibly be utilized as an idol scares me beyond belief?”

I have a relative who has a huge collection of figurines and as I look at them in a large glass case that collects dust; I question “WHY?” They serve no useful purpose other than to peer at or as I stated before collect dust. This goes for those whom collect umpteen vehicles or hording…geez the list could go on and on, and it all seems like idolatry in a sense to me.

Praise be to GOD the heavenly father and his son lord JESUS CHRIST forever>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

As sacramental items they may be useful in helping a person in/as reminder, remembrance, reflection, meditation, prayer and loving God. If they do not help you in such ways but to the contrary, then do not keep them.

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