Catholics and the HHS mandate

I was wondering how people were going about defending a catholic organizations right to not provide contraception. I read That Catholic companies can seek a inunction against the mandate. I mean I can understand why a catholic organization could ask for an exemption but it isn’t as clear why a company which is merely run by catholics deserve an exemption.

To be honest I think it is ridiculous that Catholics are upset about this. It might be against CATHOLIC morals to take birth control but why should employees of other faiths (or even Catholics that disagree) be punished? Employers shouldn’t try to force their own moral beliefs on their employees. This is like companies run by jehova’s witnesses not covering blood transfusions. And Catholics saying “well I don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control”…well if they buy it with their salary, which you are paying, what is the difference. Catholics should not have an exemption and I applaud Obama for standing up to them.

If it is a Catholic organization; (i.e.: a Catholic hospital or health clinic) they have every right under the law to administer their services in accordance with Catholic Law. That’s the separation of church and state so many rail about when the roles are reversed.

How can government interfere with a PRIVATE RELIGIOUS institution? Government intrusion into our private lives and business is becoming a growing problem.

If you don’t like a Catholic hospital or clinic not issuing birth control? DON’T GO THERE. The pro-choice crowd says the same thing about abortion: Don’t like it? Don’t get one.

A similar issue has crept up in Massachusetts. Catholic Charities wasn’t allowed to refuse adoptions to gays. They had to shut down their operation. God forbid they try to find decent homes for orphaned kids! Maybe if the government spent more time getting all our unemployed citizens back to work, and putting an end to unfair trade with China; and less time sticking their snouts in our business we’d all be a little better off.

Just chiming in to say that it is not the government’s place to put people back to work. We already have too many working for the bloated federal government which means they won’t bite the hand that feeds them. If we reduce the size of government and its intrusiveness into our lives, then WE THE CITIZENS can create jobs which is how it was meant to be.

No, but it’s the government’s job to create an environment that is friendly toward employment and workers (e.g less crippling regulations on small businesses).

This isn’t always an option. If you get put in an ambulance I am pretty sure that they aren’t going to drive you to the hospital that is 45 minutes away when the Catholic one 10 minutes away. If there were hospitals on every block then I could see this making sense but if the Catholic hospital is the only hospital within an hour drive of where you live, you are pretty much stuck with it.

If Catholic Charities was so great back then, why didn’t they just stop taking money from the government and carry on their good works? You can’t have it both ways. If you want to be CATHOLIC Charities, then don’t take money from the government. Cause if you do, you cannot discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation. Maybe Catholic Charities needs to spend more time and their own money to do all of their good works and not rely on Uncle Sam. No one is stopping them from finding homes for those kids in need. They just ran out of their own money.

Okay, but I don’t see how birth control could be used in an emergency…Please, do tell if the pill CAN be used in emergencies, though.

If you wanted to use it, couldn’t you just go to the local druggist’s and get it after you’ve been treated for whatever came on so quickly?

True, however you’re probably not going to be put in an ambulance to be taken to buy birth control.

It’s a simple issue really. Forcing people to provide services they think are evil is a bad thing. I should be able to set up an organization that provides services I deem worth providing without being forced to provide services I think are evil as well. In the case of Catholic hospitals providing immoral care: if society decides that those services I think are evil are actually necessary, fine. But then some other member of society should step up and provide those services. Saying “I think it’s necessary, and you look like you can do it, so now you must do it despite the fact that you think it is evil” is wrong.

Similar for covering birth control. You think you should have it? Fine. Get it yourself. You can do this by buying it yourself, or finding an employer who doesn’t think it’s evil to cover it for you. But just because you happen to think that your desire for it is somehow important doesn’t mean you can force me to give it to you when I think it’s evil.

They are not trying to force their morals, the issue isn’t about the people within the company, because they aren’t footing the bills. The Catholic organization is who is paying for it. If I had a company and I believed killing people is wrong, and you worked for me and thought it was okay to kill people, and the government tried to force me to pay for you to kill a person if you wanted, would it be wrong of me (the employer) to not want to pay for something that I see as morally incorrect? The same can be said for other ethical issues within a company, like whether to allow an employee to get off work early but still get paid for the entire day. The employee might find it okay (because it benefits them), but the company heads would not like that because they loose out on money that was needlessly taken from them.

Not to mention that birth control is not a medical necessity, for very few it may be because of a disease, but there are other forms of medication that can help with those rather than birth control. Pregnancy isn’t a disease, and therefore, things that prevent pregnancy should not be allowed to be covered by insurance since it is a person’s choice. The same can be said for plastic surgery, it isn’t a medical necessity except in extreme cases where someone was in an accident and needed to reshape their features to look more natural.

The Federal government, under no law, does not have the right to force the general public to buy a product or service.

Lawsuits have been filed.

It’s not just a Catholic thing.


It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference with respect to the HHS mandate. Whether they provide all their own funding or accept government funding, they are still required by the mandate to violate their conscience by providing insurance for things that violate morality.

Their source of funding has nothing to do with it. Nothing. The mandate requires all employers, regardless of how they are funded to provide no co-pay coverage for sterilization, contraception, and abortion inducing drugs.

Catholic hospitals and charities could refuse government funding tomorrow. They would still be subject to the HHS mandate: violate your conscience, quite being Catholic, pay a fine, or go out of business.

It is a blatant attack on freedom of religion, whether or not a business uses any federal funds.

Exactly, and it is just such hospitals that the HHS mandate threatens to shut down. That will help no one.

If employers have to pay for insurance it becomes their business what they have to pay for

Blood transfusion is a life saving measure that you can only get through a hospital, birth control can be bought at most supermarkets for around $6 for a month’s worth. Contraception is not a life saving measure, religious liberty trumps paying for these drugs

Indeed. Just what is so difficult to understand about this issue? Why are people soooooo willing to give up their freedoms:confused:

Because I don’t think people know what freedom is…

I happen to know a little bit about how our government is SUPPOSED to function, and the congress is SUPPOSED to regulate trade between the states AND BETWEEN US AND FOREIGN NATIONS.

From 1789 to 1994 there were MANY tariffs (a tariff is a tax on imported or exported goods; for those of you who do not know) protecting the United States’s manufacturers AND her workers. A heavy tax on imported goods would fill the U.S. coffers, AND force many companies to manufacture goods HERE, rather than with slave labor in China. Thereby, creating jobs and PUTTING US BACK TO WORK. This issue makes me so mad!

Anyone who says THAT isn’t the federal government’s job doesn’t understand what the government is supposed to be doing. They have sold us out to our enemies, all for a few bucks.


Try this on for size… we have become so dependant on foreign goods; what if we went to war with China tomorrow? Don’t laugh. They are our BIGGEST threat. Where would our electronics come from? We need electronics for guided missles, fighter jets, radar, countermeasures, even two-way radios. China won’t sell us these things to use against them. It would take YEARS to re-tool to manufacture them here.

Where would we get steel to build more subs, tanks and planes? I’m betting we won’t get any help from China on that, either. Steel mills close in the United States every year, and no new ones open to take their place. :frowning:

It’s a simple fix, and government doesn’t need to grow a bit. They just need to do their jobs, do what’s best for their bosses (that’s US, by the way), and focus on important issues rather than butting into OUR business.

Any questions?

Get the FAQs about the HHS Mandate.


If we went to war with China tomorrow, our Navy would blockade their country, forcing them to use land-routes, many of which are held by our allies.

There is a very large place where electronics are made right here in the US. You might know about it, they are where most of the computer technology in the world is invented.

As for steel, we have junk yards FULL of metal, and the price just keeps dropping. We could start with the miles and miles of cargo containers stacked ten stories high in San Fran. Fact of the matter is, we don’t need a thing from China. And we’d stop buying from China if folks would look at the tag on the back for a “Made in the USA” or “Made in Canada” label. That’s right, I’ll buy from our neighbour to the north avec pleasure.

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