Catholics and the Military in the Age of Catholic France (700 - 900 A.D.)

On my website I am trying to do a series on Catholics and the Military in each age of Church History. The fifth installment is up, and is called “Catholics and the Military in the Age of Catholic France”. I thought you guys might be interested in this series, so I’ll post the links here as I complete them. I hope you enjoy!

Catholics and the Military in the Age of Catholic France (700 - 900 A.D.)


The Wars of Catholic Spain
—The Reconquest

The Wars of Catholic England
—Against the Vikings

The Wars of Catholic France
—Charles Martel

The Wars of Catholic Italy
—Against the Muslims
—The Battle of Ostia

The Wars of the Catholic Byzantine Empire
—Against the Muslims
—Armenia and Cyprus Liberated
—Against the Bulgarians
—Against the Slavs
—Sicily Lost
—Against the Russians

The Monastic Fathers on Just War
—St. Cyril the Philosopher on Just War
—Pope Leo IV on Just War
—Pope St. Nicholas the Great on Just War
—Pope John VIII on Just War

The Wars of Catholic Spain

The Reconquest
722 A.D. - “What are thirty barbarians, perched upon a rock? They must inevitably die,” [said the Muslims. And the bishop who had gone over to them said:] “I believe that you understand how the entire army of the [Spanish] cannot resist the force of the Muslims; how then can you resist on this mountain? Listen to my advice: abandon your efforts and you will enjoy many benefits alongside the Moors.” [And King Pelagius responded:] “Have you not read in Sacred Scripture that the Church of the Lord is like the mustard seed, which, small as it is, grows more than any other through the mercy of God? … Our hope is in Christ; this little mountain will be the salvation of Spain and of [its] people…the mercy of Christ will free us from that multitude.’ ” (Ibun Hayyan’s Al Makkari Book 2 Chapter 34 [excerpt], and the Cronica de Alfonso III Chapter 9, as translated in Carroll, W. (1987). The Building of Christendom. Christendom College Press. p. 263.)

The Wars of Catholic England

Against the Vikings
“[When] Alfred…the son of Ethelwulf, took to the kingdom of Wessex…within a month…[he] fought against all the [Vikings] with a small force at Wilton, and long pursued them during the day; but the Danes got possession of the field. … [In 883 A.D.] the [Viking] army [went] up the [rivers of England], and there sat a year. And Pope Marinus sent King Alfred the [wood of the Cross]. The same year…Sighelm and Athelstan [went] to Rome [with] the alms which King Alfred ordered thither, and also in India to St. Thomas and to St. Bartholomew. Then they sat against the [Vikings] at London; and there, with the favour of God, they were very successful after the performance of their vows.” (Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Years 871 & 883)

The Wars of Catholic France

Charles Martel
“[The Muslim commander] decided to despoil Tours by destroying its palaces and burning its churches. There he confronted [a French official] by the name of Charles, a man who [had] proved himself to be a warrior…and an expert in things military. … In the blink of an eye, [his men] annihilated the Arabs with the sword. … [At] dawn, the Europeans saw the tents and canopies of the Arabs all arranged just as they had appeared the day before…[but] they were empty…[for] the Ishmaelite troops had left [and] had indeed fled silently by night in tight formation, returning to their own country.” (Chronicle of 754 Chapter 80)

“Charles did not cease, after declaring war, until he had exhausted [the Italian Lombards] by a long siege…[and] restored to the Romans all that they had lost. … [He also] marched over the Pyrenees into Spain at the head of all the forces that he could muster. All the towns and castles that he attacked surrendered… This King [also] undertook…very many works calculated to adorn and benefit his kingdom… Among these, the most deserving of mention are the basilica of the Holy Mother of God at Aix-la-Chapelle, built in the most admirable manner…and throughout his whole reign the wish that he had nearest at heart was…to defend and protect the Church of St. Peter.” (Einhard’s Life of Charlemagne Chapter 6, 9, 17, 27)

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