Catholics, and why we don't go to "other churches"

I was in school, in the nurse’s office. When two nurses were talking. Religion came up. One nurse Protestant and the other was Catholic. I think the Catholic one said she had to drive to the nearest Catholic Church (not that far, but she made it seem like it) as opposed just walking up the street to nearest Baptist Church, just a block from my school.

The Protestant nurse said “I don’t understand why Catholic don’t just go to the Baptist Church”

I don’t even know how to respond. What’s everyone else’s take on this?

What do you mean when you say you do not know how to respond/

Do you mean you agree with the protestant nurse or you don’t know how to reply to the protestant nurse?

We don’t go to baptist churches because we are Catholics and go to Catholic churches so that we can worship in the ancient way of the ancient Church and partake of Christ’s body in the way Christ commanded us to do.

I think this is nonsense - A Baptist will go to Baptist Church, an Anglican to Anglican and Orthodox to an Orthodox. I am sure she was just being sarcastic.

Mainly because we believe different things and they are not the same, baptists aremn’t in communion with the Church and so we are not able to fully worship in a baptist church.
( you know difference regarding the sacraments, the nature of the church, the sacramental priesthood, the number of books in the bible-luther removed some)

Yes, that’s about it in a nutshell…ignorance as to why we go to Mass…

[QUOTEI am sure she was just being sarcastic]

… possibly.

Altho, I had a co-worker ask me the same thing. They just don’t “get it”

Dear Friend,

If it ever comes up again and you have the opportunity just say because “he, she, we’re, I’m Catholic” The person who said “Why don’t you go to the Baptist Church” And I’m just guessing would not go to a Catholic Church. Plus, be strong in your faith sweetie. :slight_smile:

Love ya’ll,
Sheila is my real name.

they may have meant why don’t Catholics join in with communion in other churches when they are visiting guests etc?

I know in my church (anglican) at communion the priest will invite people to come forward to communion if they have been confirmed in their own church. If they haven’t 'yesterday he added to place their hands over their chest then he will know-where as usually just carry a leaflet-perhaps he knew we’d run out of leaftlets as had big baptism on)

Knowing that Catholics would not receive communion in an anglican church I have no idea what priests mean if you are confirmed in your own church you can recieve communion here. Is he inviting Catholics to - if they choose to as well as any other denomination. It dont really matter since I know we do accept Catholics receiving in our church its just that the Catholic Church teaches Catholics not to just a point of interest. At my confirmation class in 1985 I was told that we can receive communion anywhere including Catholic Churches but Roman Catholics don’t like us to unless we get permission from the priest at the time. It may be this that the nurses were talking about as such.

I know the theology as such but why is it such a hard and fast rule that Catholics are taught not to receive communion elsewhere when we all worship the same God and all are Christian? Seems odd way forward to me to bringing about The Lords Family.

A great opportunity to evangelise. I am sure the Protestant nurse is very ignorant of the real differences between Catholics and Protestants. Baptists don’t even know they are Protestants, for instance.

Tell the Protestant EXACTLY why you go to your Catholic Church - for the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ - and tell her where in the Bible Jesus tells us of His Body and Blood in the Eucharist. (John 6:48-58) Then pray to Our Blessed Lord and Our Heavenly Mother to inspire this nurse to open her eyes to the Truth of Jesus.:slight_smile:

Because of the real presence. The source and summit of the Faith.

Protestants do not believe in the Real Presence. We do. As a Catholic, I would not attend a Protestant service. For me, the beauty of the Holy Mass is that Jesus is fully present. I would not have any reason to attend a Protestant service because there is nothing there of any substance. Of course, it is nice to meet up with old friends, but Protestants keep changing their beliefs due to lack of leadership.

For all its faults, the Catholic Church is unchanging because we have our wonderful Pope, who is the direct successor of St Peter - the first Pope, who was installed by Jesus Christ Himself. The Deposit of Faith in our Church is also an amazing source of guidance and all of this means that it is the singular means of salvation for the world.

God bless :slight_smile:

I think we are missing essential context from the story.

If the RCC nurse just wanted a quiet place to pray, then any chapel would work.

If the RCC nurse wanted to attend mass, then no baptist would expect them to attend their church.

Yes, missing some details I believe. Is the OP an adult or a student? Did this take place in a public school or a private school? Given those details, suggesting that the OP evangelize might be inappropriate. The whole conversation could be inappropriate given the location of the nurse’s office.

All right. Ask her why don’t the Baptists just go to the nearby Catholic church instead of the far away Baptist one?

With respect to the Eucharist, the Catholic Church teaches transubstantiation, not real presence. Many protestant denominations believe in the real presence (Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist), but don’t accept transubstantiation and instead believe a related alternative, such as consubstantiation.

With all do respect, you were told incorrectly in your confirmation class, if you are not in full union with the Catholic Church you cannot present yourself for communion and it has nothing to do with “getting permission from the Priest.”

My friend, we Catholics are not allowed to receive “communion” in any non-Catholic church because protestant/non denom/anglican communion is symbolic. We Catholics believe as Christ taught that He is physically/literally present in the Eucharist. To partake in a fake communion (not trying to sound uncharitable by saying that) would be to betray Christ who called us to His supper. Plus it stands to reason. Where would you rather receive communion. From the Church Christ created where He founded the Sacrament of the Eucharist or from a man made church who does their best attempts at interpreting scriptures (for most churches these scriptures are incomplete and cherry picked, primarily if they are using the KJV). But soon I believe we will all be calling Anglicans our brothers and sisters in the pews, not just in Christ. Methodists are all joining the Anglicans (slowly but surely) and the Anglicans are starting to come home to Christ’s One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Thank God for it too! It will take ALL of us to restore Christendom.


Protestants do not believe in the Real Presence, as taught by Jesus in John 6, with respect. Also Protestants do not have the Sacrament of Holy Orders, therefore, nobody in any Protestant denomination has the authority to call upon Jesus in their Churches. Jesus is only present in the One True Apostolic Church - ie the Catholic Church.

So, that is the reason I would never, even if I were allowed to, receive any pretence of the Body and Blood of my Saviour. God bless :). I believe all Protestants will eventually come home to Mother Church - where they will be received with joy!

Com-munion is literally ‘in union.’

Anglicans are not ‘in union’ with Rome, are they?

Would you, englishredrose, be willing to state to everybody in the Catholic Church (and everybody in your Anglican Church, and the entire world on satellite TV etc.)as you took the Eucharist there, “I believe in everything your Church teaches and that is why I take communion with you.”

If you do not believe in everything the Catholic Church teaches and would not say so, why would you want to take the Eucharist when by doing so you are implying that yes in fact you DO believe everything the Church teaches and are thus taking this as a sign of your unity of belief?

It works for us too. Catholics would not go into an Anglican Church and say as they received the Eucharist there, “I believe in everything YOUR Church teaches and that is why I take this as a sign of union with you.” We do not believe in all your Church teaches.

God told us to be One, but He didn’t say, “Oh, and by the way, you can accept the beliefs of other Christians even if you don’t believe them and they contradict what you are taught as revealed truth, just so it LOOKS like you are all in agreement even when you’re not.”

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