Catholics are urged to give up texting for Lent

ROME - Roman Catholic bishops in Italy are urging the faithful to go on a high-tech fast for Lent, switching off modern appliances from cars to iPods and abstaining from surfing the Web or text messaging until Easter.

The suggestion goes far beyond no-meat Fridays, giving a modern twist to traditional forms of abstinence in the five-week period Christians set aside for fasting and prayer ahead of Easter.

And it shows the Church’s increasing focus on technology’s uses — with many of the Lenten appeals posted on various dioceses’ Web sites.

Texting I can do… computers, unfortunately I can’t. :frowning:

the only texting I receive is alerts from GameFly that my game was received or my game was mailed to me.

Holy Week I give up the internet completely, M-F.

I mentioned this to my teens at our recent youth group, especially those who still are deciding what Lenten practice they are willing to try this year. I thought some looked like they had seen a ghost at the mention of it. Our local diocesan paper had a similar article on the topic as well. Apparently, it’s gaining momentum. God bless you.

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