Catholics- Are You More Conservative or Liberal?

Do you consider yourself more conservative or liberal? I’m just curious to see if most Catholics consider themselves more liberal or conservative. I’ve known quite a few that were more liberal but I consider myself more conservative/traditionalist. I know many are into the social values many liberal democrats stand behind. Where do you stand and why?

Maybe consider adding a poll? And do you mean “conservative / liberal” in the political sense?

I forgot to add a poll. Yes I mean political sense, what else would I mean?

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I think you can just edit the post and check a box to add a poll. Then you’re taken to a new screen where you can set up the poll and post it. If I recall correctly, you have about 15 minutes before the editing time expires.

Some people use “conservative/liberal” to refer to liturgical preference, theology, etc. So it’s always good to clarify politically so people don’t get confused.

To answer your question, I’d consider myself politically conservative.

I am socially conservative. I don’t have strong opinions on most fiscal issues, although I have been drifting to the right in the last year or so. I have some sympathies with distributism and the Church’s social teaching, although I would need to see it articulated in a clear, viable way. (Not to say that it hasn’t been; I simply haven’t studied it enough.)

I conducted a poll here on CAF and found most members are conservative. Moreover, like myself, there are many who do not consider themselves to be either.

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Birth to 44 yrs, Liberal.
44 to 56 yrs, Conservative.
Last two years- just Catholic. :smiley:

Socially conservative
Fiscally liberal to moderate, or maybe more accurately, moderate to liberal.

As a wall-to-wall political conservative, I feel I am being pushed away from the church. :frowning:

First, I am more traditional or conservative in my views about the Church. I am not that happy with a lot of the contemporary ideas out there about worship, married priests or things like that. Politically I am more liberal, but not, again NOT always in agreement with everything the “liberal” party expounds. (I don’t believe in abortion for example, can’t grasp the idea of “same sex marriage”, and some other things.)

That said, I don’t care for the GOP at all, so I have often practiced my political views by voting outside of both parties and may lean a bit more toward being an Independent than anything. In the end I am more concerned about God than any of the political parties out there, in any part of the world. They all have some valid points I think, but they all are flawed too.

I guess I would say I am Catholic above all else, including politics. I am willing to leave the political world totally alone if none of the parties seem of use. I will stick with God over all of it. I always remember that the Bible tells us nations and kingdoms will fall. So I trust in none of them really.

Well if I get rid,of the American definition of Liberal and Conservative I would lean towards the Liberal point of view. Ironically 90% of the Church’s teachings especially those on helping the poor are the same or very similar.

Just to let you know, polling the Catholics here on this forum is not necessarily going to be indicative of Catholics everywhere. The posters here tend to skew in the conservative direction (even if many don’t embrace one political party or the other).

I haven’t conducted a poll or anything. That’s just my observation from hanging around here too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m socially conservative. That isn’t really an option.

Finances & economy confuse, profound, and/or bore me because I get the impression I couldn’t have a truly educated opinion on them unless I actually dug into them studiously for several years as a college student. Otherwise I’m either blowing steam out of my mouth based on guttural feelings, or I’m lip synching the opinions of somebody that is educated. When the topic comes up I usually just play dumb, because I am dumb. I mean, I’ve read many different articles in the past from different people on the subject on the news, but formulating opinions based on news articles is like using a rocket launcher to paint a portrait. As soon as I think I have a good footing on what I should think, somebody else brings up why I’m wrong, and a lot of it involves metrics & numbers which in themselves are debated by other people as not being credible in the first place, and I really don’t feel like sitting around being a one-man analyst trying to sift through all of the emotionally-charged garbage because I have other stuff to do with my life. It’'s all very onerous and exhausting. I suppose “I don’t care” will suffice on the technical questions relating to the economy. In the broad sense, I echo the apostles with the belief that a person who is capable of working is morally obligated to do so, which most of us are, and a person who is capable of giving is morally obligated to do so, which most of us are, and a person who is capable of loving is morally obligated to do, which all of us are.

I couldn’t agree more, But then, I’m a shameless liberal. GREAT quote in your signature, by the way.

LOL - similar story here. I’m just Catholic. Don’t buy into the political left/right paradigm. Neither reflects the Truth. It’s just a way of dividing people and distracting us from the Truth.

Neither. I do not like either platform.

Tell me if I am wrong: the GOP here in America seems to be about preventing change (especially by Democrats), increasing national defence, and lining their own pockets. Not a great party line, but preferable to

The Democrats. They do support good and just social justice programs like lunches for poor kids, immigration reform, and that sort of thing. But they also support absolutely horrible and unacceptable ideas such as the “right” to abortion, “gay marriage”, freedom of “worship” (rather than of religion), Obamacare (and the mandatory contraception coverage that goes with it), and other things which escape me at the moment.

I don’t like either. If I had to choose, I’d take the Republicans, but only because I would not be guilty of any serious sin by voting for them. The blood of children and the lives of children (who’d be raised by gay “couples”) would be on my hands and my mind if I voted for the Dems.

Can I get an AMEN? :thumbsup:

This applies to me as well.

To say neither, one is almost excluded from the real world. In a perfect world, I would also say neither: life would be nurtured and respected at all stages, no wars, no hunger… but we don’t live in a perfect world.


Against ALL forms of CONTRACEPTION (the pill, IUD, etc)
Against Breaking the Law in regards to coming into a country ILLEGALLY (and illegally voting!)
Against NON Traditional Marriage/Adoption (with exceptions made for single parents who adopt children with disabilities for example. A woman on a dating site I was on was a single mom who had adopted two children with disabilities)

I am for helping the poor, but also helping them GET OUT OF POVERTY and not getting them hooked on assistance that they don’t know how to get out of poverty.

Fiscally Responsible is what I am for - which means not spending more than you bring in, not raising taxes on “the rich” because you think all rich people are evil republicans. I am for keeping jobs here and not sending them overseas, so increasing taxes on businesses that makes them unable to pay a fair wage and then decide to move overseas…against that type of taxing. I believe buying american keeps jobs HERE…and keeps our fellow citizens employed.

I am definitely NOT liberal.

Liberally tired of silly label games; conservatively surprised this thread attracts so much attention!

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