Catholics Aren't Christians?


How would you respond to someone who believes that Catholics aren’t Christians?

Would you ask him to tell you why and then break down his objections into more manageable chunks and address them one at a time?

Would you simply smile and walk away since there is not much you can do to change her mind?

How would you answer someone making this claim?


Saying Catholicism is not Christian is about as intellectually respectable as saying sex between whites and blacks is bestiality. (That is, not at all.) So I might ask questions to see if he is saying such out of ignorance, or if he is a genuine ideologue. In the latter case I won’t stick around.

Also, you have to be very lawyerly in the wording. You can’t let people weasel with “I believe Catholics can be Christians” See that? Translation: If a person is Christian, it is in spite of their Catholicism. An unacceptable position because Catholics believe in general that any trinitarian theology is fundamentally Christian, and someone who doesn’t accept that for Catholicism, then there is no common ground for a real discussion.



I think it depends on your relationship to the person. If you are well acquainted I think it may be your duty to at least offer to discuss it. If, however, they are a complete stranger, just say “So’s your old man” kick 'em in the shin and run like the dickens :smiley: (NOT REALLY)



Since the person leveling the accusation probably defines a “Christian” as someone who accepts Jesus as personal savior, my response would be, “Doesn’t that depend on the individual Catholic?”

Of course, Catholics define a “Christian” as a baptized person, but you probably want to handle one issue at a time.


i would read this link below and print out the information for the person to see, and if they had any questions and were in the frame of mind to sit down and discuss our faith, i’d be glad to do so.

here is the link. take a look at the upper left hand side of your screen and below where it says " quick search" there is a word that says, “library” and there you will see our faith in detail.

here is the link from the CA library:


“So, Catholics aren’t Christians, huh? That’s a pretty broad judgement. And who is the Judge, BTW? That would be Christ, wouldn’t it, according to scripture, right? So why are you presuming to take that position away from Christ? Or has Christ somehow, outside of what He has declared through scripture, appointed you and yours that task?”

So much could be said to these people. They really don’t think their positions through do they? I know I didn’t when I was on of them.:blush:


You could approach it in many different ways, depending on your inclination.

You could reply “Neither are anti-Catholic bigots” and see where that leads. You could say “No, it’s Protestants who aren’t Christians” and see where that leads. Both of these have the advantage that now it is the accuser who must defend his own beliefs. The playing field becomes immediately more level.

Personally I’d turn the statement right back on him and reply that Protestants aren’t Christians. I’m a big fan of turning stupid statements back on the person making them.


Back in high school, one of my fellow students told me that.

I was only 16, but I did have enough wits to ask her to define “Christian.” She said it was somebody who had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

I told her I had done that, in fact, that all Catholics did that. Her response was, “Oh, no. You’re not Christians. My minister told me so. He’s a nice man, and he wouldn’t lie to me.”

(Someone else in high school told me he would never be Catholic because "Catholics have to eat fish on Fridays, and I don’t like fish.)

There’s some real misrepresentation being taught to kids.


Well I have had someone tell me that, “Catholics are basically pagans right?” I must admit I was amused. I simply told them that being Catholic for 17 years, I had never seen any sign of paganism and that I was faily certain we were indeed the true Church that Jesus established. Of course, with these kind of people, debate on the subject is usually fruitless due to ignorance, so I did not pursue the conversation.


I think you really have to start with what they’re basing that on and then go from there. I’ve heard the pagan thing many times and I’ve also heard it’s because we don’t profess Jesus as personal Lord and Savior (we do, but not quite in the way some protestants do).

There are many half truths and downright falsehoods out there about the Church that people buy into.

So knowing where they’re coming from will help you to know where to go.


I had someone tell me that when I was in high school. I said, “well, I believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God who became Man and died for my sins in order to save me.” So she asked if I believed in the Bible - I said yes. Then she asked if I believed in the Virgin Birth - I said yes. Then she said well, her minister told her so. And I said your minister is wrong and I walked away.


I, personally, would not want to walk away from this encounter and, from what I know of you, I think you should not walk either.
I sense that you would primarily approach the situation intellectually, but consider what love compels you to do. Somehow, rather than reacting defensively or offensively you need to begin compassionately**.** This is a fellow Chrisitian who is need of some healing. You may have been chosen specifically to reach this person for Christ - start thinking in those terms and I think you will be in the proper frame of heart to be a channel of God’s grace. Be prepared to pray, to share, to listen and , lastly, to teach.


There is something else we must be ultra cautious about.

People do not generally perpetuate lies once they are found out to be lies. While these people may hate the catholic church, they do not think they hate god, and part of God is the Ten commandments. To lie, would be to break a commandment.

If someone, after being shown what is truth, continues to teach the opposite, then they are no better than the tax collector and move along.

Pride is a huge issue. so always ask it in such a way like “don’t answer me, just ask your self privately, I don’t want your answer. that being said, do you think that what I have said is false…” This gets the pride issue out of it. and they can under most situations be honest with themselves

Above all else. speak in love

In Christ


Randy this is such a sweeping comment and shouldn’t be dignified with an answer…Their are regenerate Christians and non regenerate ones in ever Christian institution.


One should ask WHY they hold that view. Ive asked several who hold that view, Why? The answer has been as naive as ‘Dont you know the pope is the false prophet?’ to a pastor(so called) who said that any faith they have is made void when they believe their works can help them to grace.

The first is quite easy to handle, the second should be approached(imo) with something these people normally listen to(ie Scripture) 1 John alone has enough to at least make them think twice before accusing their brethren of this…

1 John 4:2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:
1 John 2:4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
1 John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
1 John 4:20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?


Love really is the key to any fruitful discussion of this kind. (I guess my “kick 'em in the shin” suggestion is right out,huh?) :smiley:



I hear the “I used to be Catholic but now I a Christian” alot.:rolleyes:

“Excuse me, I’m a little confused did you say you used to be Catholic but now your a Christian?”

Person nods this is correct.

“Um, that’s like saying used to be German but now you’re a human being.”

The protestant looks confused.

“All Germans are human beings, but not all human beings are German. All Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholic.”

“Uh yeah, I meant I’m just Christian.”

“Well the what you really mean is even though you left the Catholic Church you are still a Christian.”

“Well I’m more of Christian now.”

“More of a Christian, I don’t understand -there are degrees of being Christian?”

“I wasn’t getting fed in the Catholic Church, I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.”

Nodding thoughtfully.“Oh, so what you are saying isn’t weren’t actively living your faith as a Catholic but you are now.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Do you know the Catholic teaching on the Eucharist?”

“The what?”

“The Eucharist-Holy Communion.”

“Yeah, you’re only supposed to take it if you’re Catholic.”

“Do you know the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ?”

“Oh, I never believed that.”

“Well that could be why you felt you weren’t being fed and you didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.”



It could be worse. At least your friend isn’t Catholic. Twice, I’ve heard of clueless Catholics who deny that Catholics are Christians.

The first was a girl of about 10 who said, “I’m not Christian, I’m Catholic.” Apparently she needed more CCD.

The second is my Protestant friend’s Catholic Mother-in-Law. The Catholic MIL keeps pressuring my Protestant friend to convert to Catholicism, but sadly, she hasn’t got a clue what she’s talking about. She told my my Protestant friend that “Christian” means Protestant and that Catholics are not Christians, we are Catholics. My Protestant friend keeps explaining that Catholics are Christians, but her Catholic MIL refuses to believe her. :mad:


Talk about upside down! Where do people/Catholics get these ideas? I’ve heard of this myself, I don’t understand where it comes from!

God bless her Protestant friend, not the usual way the conversation goes!

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