Catholics attending Lutheran Church and learning about their "communion" how should I react?

Hi, My babysister has this friend who come from a family of practicing Catholics.
The mother has been into this American Pentacostal revour who speaks on tv, the way that I see things this is already a issue as a lot of the stuff she is thrilled about is pretty far from the catechism, but I realise that she is an adult and has been Catholic much longer than I’ve lived and I have decided not to bring up the subject as Im not very close to her and she is free to make her own choices in life.
This brings me to the “grave” matter so to say, recently I heared that her daughter went to a sleepover at the Lutheran Church nearby where my sister and my family goes (or at least are registered members, Im the only Catholic in my family) during this sleepover they learned about the Lutheran “communion” and I think they received it at the service the next day (obviously they missed mass becouse of this event).

This is grave matters, it has to be.
My question is, how should I handle this matter?
As I mentioned, I do not know them good enough to confront them whit this.
What should I do?
Is the proper way to deal with this mention it to Our priest or is it unfair to tell on them to him?

I will definitively keep them in my prayers.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  • Peace in Christ


Lutherans do not have the power to consecrate bread or wine into the body of Christ.


she had a nice little sleepover and a “snack”.

Bearing in mind that protestant services do not fulfill our obligation to attend Mass on Sunday…and she missed Mass (?) then I would say that is the “grave matter”.

What your babysitter’s friend’s family does is really none of your business, so you don’t have to do anything. You could tell your pastor about this, without mentioning any names, as he might want to know that the local Lutherans are proselytizing his flock.

It’s pretty serious. The Catholic Church is the body of Christ and ark of Salvation. The Lutheran Community does not have the power to effect an actual Eucharist. And a Catholic participating in it is a real violation of Church teaching, an an indication that they really don’t know whats going on. And it is a grave matter to miss mass.

So yeah, it’s not good.

Very good advise! You would do well to heed it.:thumbsup:

This. :thumbsup: Yes, participation in the sacraments of another flock that is not in communion with Rome is a grave matter. You are professing communion with that flock. And missing mass on top of this adds to the gravity.

As far as not being any of our business, not correct. We are obligated to believe and act on Sacred Scripture. 1 Cor 5:12 tells us "For what have I to do to judge them that are without? Do not you judge them that are within?

The context is regarding the excommunication of one of the Corinthian Church’s members for fornication (assumed with no intent of reform). He exhorts them into action saying that this action is in conformity with himself. This passages says that he cannot judge (impose ecclesiastical law) for those that are without the Church. But for those within the Church, correction must be given.

Jesus gives the form for this. Speak to your brother, if he listens, you’ve won your brother. If not, bring 2 or 3 to speak to him. If not, tell the Church. If he will not listen to the Church, thrown them out as a publican or sinner. (excommunicate).

You have every right to tell a Catholic to be a Catholic. It is Not an act of love to sit idly by and let your neighbor fall into the pit without warning him it is there. If they chose to jump in, they do have that free will.

By the way, the OP said it was his “baby sister”, not his “babysitter”, so this is involving a close friend of his own sister (although the sister is apparently not Catholic, her friend is giving her a poor example of Catholic behavior).

I agree with this. Like you mentioned you don’t know these people very well and you are getting these things as 2nd hand info. I just would stay out of it and tell you babysitter that you are praying for them.

Who invited them? Depending on the sect of Lutheranism it may not have been permitted to invite someone from other Christan faiths to participate in religious acts. Of course they could be the other type.:wink:

Please everyone – go back & read the Original Post. This is a close friend of his “baby” SISTER (younger sister), and this close friend of his sister is Catholic. The SISTER is NOT Catholic. I only commented that this friend is not giving a very good example of Catholic practice. It is not his BABYSITTER - it is his YOUNGER SISTER!

Taking communion at a churhc that doesn’t have valid sacraments is heresy last I checked. Miss The Mass is grave matter. I would tell her in a loving way without any fire or brim stone if you can

Haha, so true!
Yes it is my babySISTERS friend Im talking about, she is only 11 years old and can easily be manipulated into believing this heresy.
My sister and my entire Family are Lutherans (except myself that is) and my Family are saying that I should not worry as they concider it to be ecumenical for a Catholic to go to a Lutheran service once in a while. This is obviouley nonsense and I dont know how to handle this matter.

PaulfromIowa: I really disagree With Your view I have to say.
If we Catholics doesnt look after one anathor, who will?
We have a responsability to tell other catholics when they are about to get lost.
Its not easy and Im not sure if Im going to involve myself in this matter, but we have a responsability towards Our fellow catholics.

I will bring up the matter With my priest that some of the members of his Flock is being lured to attend the Lutherans on sundays instead of the Mass where we should all be.

Btw the Lutheran Church has nothing against sharing their “communion” With Catholics.

Thanks for feedback everyone!

  • Peace in Christ Our Lord.

the baby sister part is very confusing, but still, OP is getting the info as second hand and doesn’t know these people very well. It would be better to stay out of it since at this moment it is more gossip than anything else. The best thing for OP to do is pray for the people involved. There is no basis to approach them since this is not first hand info, they didn’t directly come to OP and talk about it and ask for advice and their opinion. There are too many times people may be very well meaning and have the best of intentions but step out and act on gossip which is what this info is. When we act on gossip, we end up doing more harm than good and our best of intentions will only backfire on us.

Dang you guys hate Protestants we are people too!( technically im a Protestant currently) grant it the Lutheran guy in my town was a bit off in the service i saw( im Methodist but i attended a funeral for a distant cousian)

That is a very uncharitable remark to make. Catholics do NOT hate Protestants.

Catholics are permitted to attend baptisms, weddings and funerals at non-Catholic Christian churches, e.g. Methodist, Lutheran etc.
Catholics should not attend worship services because receiving Communion would a sin of grave matter as it would be seen as affirming beliefs that contradict Catholic Church teaching, and also participating in anything else at such worship services that contradict Church teaching would be a sin of grave matter.


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