Catholics believe in "once saved always saved"

Why do we have weak christians, especially catholics?

Because of the support we give to the protestant proposition that “once saved always saved” is real.In this view, all go to heaven, so why worry? This is why there is indifferentism to the brand of church attended. How many of you have heard catholics say,“well as long as he is going to some church.” As if it dosen’t make a bit of difference.

In simple words, “I’m not going to hell ever because it can’t happen to me, not me!
So I don’t need Sunday church, because I’m never going to hell over this, no way! No matter what the church says.”

We have been acusing Protestants of “once saved always saved” and here it is in our own backyard. It’s the secret mentality that “I’ll get there some how.” Or “it couldn’t/wouldn’t happen to me because I’m really not a bad guy.” Or “It’ll all work out in the end.”

Is this idea right or wrong? Or is there a stronger idea at work here besides OSAS?

What do you think?

Once we enter the gates of heaven, we are forever saved. And, there is the rub: No one is saved until they are actually in heaven - no matter what anyone says. To deny God the ability to apply His justice is tantamount to a denial of God Himself, as I see it. Until then, we must “run the race set before us”, “persevere to the end”, “Keep my commandments”, “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling” and all of the other commands that, out of our love of Christ, cause us to participate in spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Soul exercise, in other words.

OSAS is cognitive, theological and spiritual laziness. It leads to atrophy of our faith and we know that we will never experience heaven with a dead faith.

Hey, you do believe in OSAS then! We can be sure that, once someone enters heaven, they’re always saved! The OP is right on-Catholics believe in OSAS.

Well, we can have blessed hope…as in, you can have reasonable assurance that if you know you’re in a state of grace, and died right then, you’d be saved.

Timing is everything.

Succinctly put.

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