Catholics can read Catholic book with translation Protestant?

Without sin?

If you mean the bible, then no, it is not a sin to read other translations of it, although some versions may not properly preserve the meaning of the original text, so discern carefully. I highly recommend the revised standard version (RSV).

You need to be more specific here.

I mean a Catholic book but translated by protestan publishing house with Biblical passages translated of a protestant Bible. s

I want know if is a sin only the fact of reading this book and the fact of strengthen determined anti-catholic publishing house buying its book, so is it?

Clarifying course is the only translation of this book available.

does this translation carry the Imprimatur from a Bishop? does the particular publishing house that is Protestant publish a number of anti-Catholic books? In all honesty, I am not sure if one could classify it as a “sin”. Are you sure there isn’t another translation of the book by a Catholic publishing house?

I don’t think that’s a sin. I think you’re worrying over nothing. Could you tell us what book it is? If giving money to the publisher bothers you, you could buy a used copy. :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure what the OP is exactly getting at, but I can tell you that I have textbooks for some of my theology classes, especially Scripture classes, here in the seminary which came from Protestant publishing houses.


It’s not a sin to read a book (any book, no matter the author).

It may not be advisable, because things they say might confuse you and cause you to struggle with your faith if you are not knowledgeable.

What is an example of a Catholic book translated by a protestant that you are questioning? (besides the Bible)

Sinful? Good question. Error? Certainly. To act on such interpretation may be tantamount to a repudiation of your faith. So yeah, it can be serious indeed.

It’s not a sin. Don’t worry about it and enjoy your book.

This sounds pretty definitive. Can you tell me how you would know with the limited information given?


Assuming the OP was sincere in his question, the question provides the answer. If anyone ever asks, “is such and such a sin” (when speaking for himself) the answer is always “no” (if he is asking in general - regarding himself or others - the answer is always “maybe”).

We cannot sin (not even venally) without being aware of the sinful nature of the act. IF it were sinful to read a book translated by a protestant (which it is not, but that is irrelevant), and the reader was not aware of the sinful nature of the act, it could not be even venally sinful.

If anyone genuinely and sincerely wonders if an act is sinful, then it is not (as far as that person is concerned). We cannot sin without knowing it (although we are accountable for sins that we ought to know are sinful, but have deliberately avoided such knowledge).

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