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Just want to through this out here, not sure for what. My Parrish has a planned trip to a casino in Tampa, Fl. But doesn’t the casino industry contradict Christianity all together?
I worked on a casino boat for few months as a teenager. The owners are typically in organized crime, casinos are responsible for the lack of morality in the las vegas area, Most of the managers/security a crooks/coke heads. I don’t see how supporting this type of organization leads to “one holy, apostolic family” Just another reason why I refuse to ever get confirmed in one church or take all church doctrine seriously.
But I guess no church is perfect, so hey, what can you do?

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There’s too much assumtion going on here without a lot of details. Who planned the trip? Is it the parish pastor? Or is this a lay group making the plans and trip?

I couldn’t tell you that, I don’t even know what the lay group is or does.
Is there a large difference?

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After not posting for six months or so…and peeking in to see what is going on…I am confident I am missing NOTHING.

Assumming from your religion status you know about Catholic rite, but don’t know about lay-people? Well if you are not ordained which I am thinking your are not then you are a lay-person just like most of us. Sorry I can’t answer your question.

In defense of Las Vegas… there is no more immorality in Las Vegas than in any other city
Everthing depends on the type of life you want to lead. Perhaps you have watched too many show about Las Vegas that only show one side of the mountain. As a side note -there is a very succesful TLM parish there.:cool:

 It's not so much that they are any more amoral then any other city; but they cater to that kind of life style, promote it with in the community and call people to it; with TV commercials that make the suggestions to be apart of it.But I think that is the general idea for any state whose economy is based off of the tourist industry. The catering to that life style, is the GDP. like I said, just throwing it out there, I don't know why any family based community would want to support that kind of GDP from a industry who produces only which  is a assault on christian values. It seems hypocritical to invest your capital in such things. I don't know what TV show you are referring to, I don't get much time for TV these days.Only time to rant and complain on public internet forums. 

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When you say your parish does this include the Priest or is it perhaps just lay people?
Either way I cannot feel comfortable with the thought of gambling in a casino while going as a parish group,this cannot have a good reflection on the parish as a whole,there is just something not entirely moral about the whole thing, but that`s just my own personal opinion.

 As far as I know just the lay people, ( now that I know what a lay person is) I don't know a lot of people in the parish. But I would guess that is all; It is a very small parish. I'd tend to agree with you on the whole feeling comfortable, and reflection of the parish. 

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