Catholics Come Home national campaign has started!

Anyone seen the ad yet (other than on the CCH web site?) I haven’t yet.

For those interested, FOX News has a story on the campaign:

I just saw it on TBS, I felt such a sense of joy seeing in on TV!!!

Some Bishops are calling on Catholics to leave the faith, others are calling them home. There needs to be consistency.

I saw a commercial just the same as last year

there will be some back lash amount non catholics but we will always be persecuted for trying to preach the truth.

This campaign is asking lapsed Catholics to return, the Irish bishop who said that is a bishop in a country where many people aren’t practicing or living like Catholics should.

This is great news!

That only helps my premise. It’s either one or the other.

Fox news repeated the old mistake about Jesus being ‘born in a manger’. How do they think Mary got into it?

I just saw the ad today but seems to me I saw it a year or two ago too.:slight_smile: Maybe they play it during the Christmas seasons.

I’m not sure if there is more than one version of the commercial but I remember seeing a commercial on tv about a week and a half ago about returning to the Catholic Church. In Church today (12-18-11), they showed a different commercial about coming back to the Catholic Church. I thought the one we saw in Church today was a very well thought out message. It showed compassion for those people who have fallen away from the Church and truly wants to have them come back to God’s Church. The other point that I liked about the commercial was that they let the audience know that the Catholic Church is the true Church God created on Earth. The said that the line of shepards (popes) has been unbroken for two thousand years. This is what needs to be done. The Catholic Church has got to start replying in more mainstream media where the average person who doesn’t even think about God not alone His Church can get the message about the true Church. There is so much junk out there on the History Channel or National Geographic Channel or the Science Channel that totally muddy the water on the true Jesus and the Church He started on Earth. Bravo to this commercial.

Well, I was fortunate to see the commercial the other night on ABC…

But I have to disagree with you. Idk how many commercials Americans are subjected to every year, let alone every day. I normally watch around 2 or 3 hours of tv most days, sometimes more/ less. I’d say I normally sit throughh like 100 commercials a day… that would be 36500. And, a quick google search says most Americans sit through about 40,000 to 50,000 commercials a year…

Anyways, how often do we actually buy stuff from commercials? How often do we spend more than a minute thinking about a commercial? I’m just saying… practically I just don’t think these will be very effective.

Not to mention that it costs a lot to buy up national advertising. And… unfortunately the agenda of many groups who sue the Church over the sex abuse scandal are to make us bankrupt or weaker financially.

All that being said, I think the Church needs to promote a lifestyle which rejects the mainstream media. If people don’t think about Church very often, then we need to go out and evangelize. If barely any Catholics go to Church on Sunday… we need to start thinking like the Apostles and the Saints did. This is not a Christian country, it is a pagan county, and we need to evangelize to everyone with the assumption that they don’t have a true understanding of Jesus Christ or His Holy Church.

So… as much as social media should be utilized to spread the faith… it will never replace face to face communication. That’s what Papa Benedict said, and he’s right.

My :twocents:

Saw it twice today! Hopefully there will be some new faces in the pews for Christmas!

Sorry for my last post, I mean… it’s certainly an uphill battle trying to gain headway with a commercial. And, it is a lot of money to stuff like that.

But, I didn’t want to be a buzzkill or a thread killer. So, I am offering up prayers that people will come back to Church precisely because of these ads, and that they’re effective. I myself have seen it 3 times now. They appear to be airing on the major news networks.

Saw another one today.
“guided by the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Church compiled the Bible”:extrahappy::clapping:

True to a degree, but the DVR is having an impact on how much you see “product placement” placed into a show, a commercial of sorts written right into the script.

When the campaign was announced, CCH said that this time of year typically is the most watched time of the year for Tv and is when advertising rates are at their lowest (which to be honest, that doesn’t make much sense to me

What i’m concerned with is that sports programming is the only form of TV programming that is “DVR proof”. That means it’s easy to DVR general entertainment programming, watch it at a later time and zip through the ads. .

In today’s world, you aren’t going to DVR a live sporting event and watch it at a later time, to do that, if you’re a sports junkie, you would have to isolate yourself from the highlight shows, internet, etc.until you watch your game and i’ve yet to see the ad during any sporting event, which CCH said the ad would run on…

I just wanted to say, I absolutely love these commercials.

I remember going to the Catholics Come Home website when I started exploring the faith, and after I had been in RCIA for a while, I came back to the website and watched one of the commercials. The images of Christ the Redeemer statue, the mariachi dancers, the little girl receiving her First Communion, the baby being baptized, the statement about how we compiled the Bible and that Jesus founded our Church, just made me weep.

I was showing my husband the commercial and crying, just saying “It’s just everything I’ve always wanted, and I’m finally here.”

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