Catholics Come Home

Anyone else seen the commercials for Nice commercials. Too bad the website isn’t working.

It’s also too bad none of the advertising is targeted towards singles. Apparently, the only ones wanted back in Rome are all families and couples.

I’ve seen them, too. It’s a great idea, but it has it’s weaknesses. Many people leave because of doctrinal issues. And the doctrines arent going to change.

Just saw one and was about to post. They are, indeed, very nice commercials. Well, I’ve seen one. I hope they make several of them.

Great idea and about time we use the media, as they have used us enough.

I’ll bet when the commercial just aired a few minutes ago, it’s getting a lot of hits.

I think they are wonderful. I don’t see a bias toward families, at all.

The website was working this afternoon.

Musta been down for maintenance or something.

I just got an email from them.

My own personal belief is that the Catholic doctrinal issues just have not been explained well.

My priest-friends complain to me that they are ordered to preach but are forbidden to teach.

No joke.

I frequently take Catholic adult education courses, and the priests and deacons who present the courses are some of the most expert people on the planet, having spent years of their own time studying … and visiting the Holy Land … and other biblical locations.

For example, there are whole chapters in the Old Testament given to God’s personal explanation of how HE wants priestly vestments to be made and decorated. But you wouldn’t know that from the Sunday or daily readings at Mass. And the role of the “priest” is delineated and defined in great detail in the Old Testament. Another “issue” that could easily be explained in a homily or sermon … but isn’t. And when you add up all these “small issues”, some folks get the idea that it’s all church politics and political correctness and etc … and lacking an explanation, they eventually leave.

Melchisedek and the Levites and origin of the name “Jerusalem” … so many things are amazing when you get into them.

No explanations … things of significant importance … so people get “bored” when faced with repetition of important things. John 6 and the Real Presence.

But they are never explained.

And if you have to stumble around for … literally … 50 years … trying to learn this stuff on your own … well, naturally, a lot of people will … start skipping Holy Days of Obligation … and then occasional Sundays … and then just drift away.

One of my Hindu friends is an expert on Catholicism … he said they actually study all this stuff … whereas as my Catholic friends say, we learn our religion by osmosis.

[Apologies for ranting.]

That’s what I was hoping. I don’t have time to mess with it this morning; I’ll check it out this afternoon after work.

Believe it or not, I am very grateful for the depth of Bible study that I had during my decades as a Protestant.

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