Catholics converted from Protestant

Hi, I would like to know what made you convert and did it enhance your relationship with God? I’m a Baptist myself and am searching for ways to better serve my Heavenly Father!

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It was a question of authority and history…

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Could you elaborate? I know the Catholic Church has more history concerning Jesus but is that what you meant?

For me, there were several reasons and they changed over time. My first test was to compare by Baptist beliefs regarding certain Bible verses. I was quite surprised. So the Eucharist was probably first. I really didn’t dwell too much on authority - but the deeper I went into Catholicism, I realized that authority and the Magisterium were right up there with the Eucharist. In my Baptist beliefs, so many things were well…we think…but others think… there was no definitive teaching. Depending on who was pastor or Sunday School teacher, you are taught different opinions. Also, infant baptism and the covenant of baptism. We would cite Acts 16:31 “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved” but we stopped there and did not go on with “and thy house.” It goes on to say that immediately the jailer and his household were baptized. Then the Book of James talking about our charitable works and Revelation on our works following us at death. I still discover new revelations to my understanding.

I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness then left the JW’s for a reformed Church, and considered myself a Reformed Baptist for a few years. But after doing research and praying, i came to see that Christ handed down authority to the Apostles, which they handed on to their successors, and this continued until our day. But the biggest one for me was the Mass. I saw how explicit John 6 was, and how important eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood is, and how only the Catholic Church does this and has been teaching this since its foundation nearly two thousand years ago.
Reading the Church Fathers, especially St Augustine, Tertullian, and St. Pope Clement of Rome showed me the authority of the Church of Rome, and the special place of the Bishop of Rome. The Church Fathers helped extremely to learn the teachings of the Early Church.

I think one of the biggest things becoming Catholic has done for me has been improving my prayer life tremendously. I pray fervently, and more often than i ever did before, and i have learned prayer devotions, something so foreign to my reformed and JW background. The devotion of the Rosary has been amazing and really has transformed my prayer life.
God Bless

After stumbling onto EWTN radio, I studied “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” by Karl Keating. Then I read a bunch of the early Church Fathers (the guys who learned the faith directly from the Apostles). After that I started reading the Catholic Catechism, and comparing it with the Westminster Confession (which I finally realized is an incoherent jumble of self-contradictory nonsense).

Eventually I realized that the question I needed to answer was “to whom did Jesus give authority to teach in his name, and what did they teach on that authority?” The conclusion I reached is at the link below; I originally posted it on the old CAF site which ran on html. The formatting should be okay if you copy/paste it into a text file, save it with an .html extension and open it in a browser.

For me,

The biggest things in my conversion story:

A: I read Saint John 6 and I immediately understood that Jesus was being literal. “ This is My Body; this is My Blood “

B: Even as a Protestant, I remembered Saint James: “ Faith without works is dead “

C: Reading Scripture for myself, the more I read the more the Church was right.

D: Praying the Rosary opened up everything and helped me become a better Christian.

E: Reading the histories and theologies of the Protestant sects, Anglicanism, the Church and the Orthodox led me to see that only the Church consistently taught all of the Faith for 2,000 years.

F: I was dealing with some spiritual warfare issues and I chose to fight like a Catholic because I remember hearing a Lutheran pastor telling the parents of a 13 year old possessed boy in 1949 to: “ Take him to the Catholics. They know about evil. “

G: Luther altered Scripture.

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Yes he did and it took me answering the call to come home to get me to realize that Luther did alter scripture.

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