Catholics - Do you think we'll have big Marian apparitions again soon?

Big as in Fatima/Guadalupe/Lourdes big.

I hope so. To bring people to Christ and His Church. I hope for an apparition in Ireland/America amongst other places…


Who knows? Mary has been appearing many places it seems. We have at least one Marian apparition approved in the U.S. (Wisconsin) and others reported that seem credible to me at least.


Whenever there is a world -class Marian apparition, it is generally because the country it is in, or the world as a whole, is in very bad trouble. Be careful what you wish for.



We just had a “big” Vatican-approved Marian apparition in Africa, at Kibeho.

The USA already has the recently-bishop-approved apparition of Our Lady of Good Help, in Wisconsin. Also, while the Our Lady of America apparition was not found to be supernatural and thus not approved as an apparition, it remains approved for private faith expression, so you are free to say associated prayers on your own.

As for Ireland, they have Vatican-approved Knock already, which is huge.


Was Our Lady of America the one in Georgia?

We could do with something in Ireland to reignite the faith.


Ireland indeed had a huge and very important apparition in Knock. If the Irish choose to disregard it, well, that’s another thing. The book In Sinu Jesu reveals its continuing and even accruing importance.


Two major approved Marian apparitions in a country of less than 5 million seems unlikely given that other larger territories haven’t had any yet, but of course I’m looking at it only in human terms.

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I’d settle for some good bishops


No. It was primarily in Indiana and Ohio. It actually spread itself over 6 dioceses because the sister claimed she had had a number of private revelations at different locations where her order had moved her for temporary assignments.

I’m not aware of what (if anything) is happening in Georgia.

Wouldn’t that be odd? Georgia is majority Protestant, I think Catholics are less than 10% there. When I was in Atlanta, people seemed to be very aware that Catholics used to be not allowed in Georgia, which was shocking considering that that was centuries ago! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Our Lady of Akita was fairly recent in the 1970s. And Sr. Agnes was given a message from her angel back in Oct 2019. Every time Our Lady visits, the message is similar. Pray the rosary, Penance, or in the case of Our Lady of Good Help in WI, the Blessed Mother asked Adele to teach the children what they ‘need for salvation’. Every generation must be taught.


This message to my knowledge has not been approved by either a bishop or the Vatican, so it is not yet considered part of the approved Akita apparition.

What would you do if she appeared to you?

I’d be scared if she appeared to me.

Would I be able to do what she asks of me?

:thinking: I’m not the valiant sort.

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Mary does God’s will, so she wouldn’t ask you to do anything that wasn’t God’s will for you, and God never asks anything of us that we can’t do.

When I was a child and my mother taught me about Fatima and how Mary appeared to little children, I wished she would appear to me, in our back yard. I was also perturbed at that time because to my knowledge Mary had never appeared in USA (apparitions like Our Lady of Good Help weren’t well publicized then) and I thought she didn’t like us or our country. Now, I would still like to see her but I realize it isn’t necessary as she’s here all the time whether she “appears” or not, and any time I want to talk with her, I can do so by praying.


Sometimes God asks us to do what is impossible for us if it were not for his help and grace.


Yes, the reason we can do anything, including just get up in the morning, is through his help and grace. I do nothing on my own.


Don’t know but being that the first thought many Catholics have about the Blessed Mother’s apparitions is ‘I don’t have to listen to her’, maybe God does not want to subject her to that as much.

How can you explain the fact that the appearance of the Virgin Mary is preceded by great world upheavals?

Apparitions are not the kind of thing that we can wait for, or as the Pentecostals put to (when speaking of receiving the Holy Spirit), “tarry” for. They occur when, where, and if Almighty God wills it. No sooner, no later, there might never be another one ever again.

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