Catholics Don't Understand Church History

I was not necessarily referring to sacrament of confession, but the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation more commonly associated with baptism.

Is that a Catholic teaching, that what was ever said to the apostles in gospels is only meant for bishop/presbyters, and not for priesthood of all believers ?

Thank you. Again, what happens at baptism in regards to sin?

God remits them.

Muting now because I see this whole discussion as another case of a non-Catholic derailing a thread that was about a different topic. Have a nice day.


Thank you.

Which is an effect not an action of the baptizer.

Well, technically a priest absolves sins in persona Christi, so it’s not the priest forgiving sins in that situation either. But he must possess authority to act in this regard or the sins are not forgiven.

Correct as I posted,

“.And besides, God has already done the work thru His Word and gift of faith before hand in the desiring participant/ candidate.”

The “besides” brings us full circle to the factual decree, even by the CC, that there is salvific grace and spiritual life and nourishment in communities of “seperated brethren”.

We have brought much fruit and much salvation of souls and baptisms. As was pointed out by Catholics here, much due to authority of foundational church, even the CC. We do not say we are not “catholic” in that sense but agree.

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Tisbear, I am surprised at your response here for it seems somewhat out of character for you. I have gone back to the beginning of this thread to try to figure out what the original topic really was and it not only seems nebulous but I think the responses from most posters confirm that it was rather a vague and unhelpful topic. Numerous Catholic responders in the previous 200 posts have also gone off topic.

It seems a bit uncharitable and hypocritical to announce you are muting because a non-Catholic has again gone off topic. Is there some unwritten rule that only Catholic posters are allowed to stray off topic? If the issue is that it is off topic, it should not matter what the religious affiliation of the poster is. Also, this is the non-Catholic Religions section.

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