Catholics for Choice

Okay, I’m not usually one to rant, but upon searching for a Catholic Women’s group I might join, Google kicked up “

I was so disgusted! I know we aren’t supposed to judge, so please let’s pray for them. Also, please censor this from your computer if you have young Catholics in the house. I still consider myself a young woman, but I am strong in my faith kind of in spite of my parents. Had I seen a site like this even 3 or 4 years ago I may not be as firm in my faith as I am.

I don’t want to say anything else at this point on what I thought of the site, I just thought people should know about it. Satan comes in many forms and we must be able to protect ourselves.

God bless.

Sounds more like death for choice.

Did you ever think that posting their url on a public forum might give them more exposure? :frowning:

May the peace of the Lord be with you,
Prodigal Son1

They are a front group for planned parenthood and recieve most of their funding from them. the term “Catholics for Choice” is a good example of what is know as an oxymoron.- describing a term that is self contradicotry.

Do steer clear of this group!

OH YES, I was very afraid about giving them more exposure, but I was more afraid of this site not being blocked or parents not being aware of it. I considered leaving it alone, but I was so overwhelmed with anger about this so I wrote them a letter last night, but I was still upset today so I decided to post this. My hope is that the people who take advantage of this service of CAF are the good upstanding people that I am directing this to.
I’m not trying to be confrontational, I do agree with you. It’s not about exposure though, it’s about protecting ourselves. Garbage in, garbage out.

want to hear something just as nutty?

I had no idea that there were democrats with brains out there! (and compassion for the unborn of course!)

Now why would you think that is nutty? Democrats are a famously diverse political party. Pro-life is just one more flavor.

I had no idea that there were democrats with brains out there! (and compassion for the unborn of course!)

You need a wider circle of friends. :wink:

One of the strangest things in U.S. culture right now is that the Democrats party platform is pro-choice while Republican party platform is pro-life.

This makes no sense. Traditionally the Democrat party has been the party of the “little man.” You can’t get any littler than an unborn child.

And traditionally the Republican party has been the party of “no government interference with personal choice.” I’m grateful that the GOP has chosen to encourage the government to “interfere” with abortion choice! But it doesn’t make sense, considering the history of the Party!

BTW, many Louisiana Democrats have been pro-life for years, because of the influence of their Catholic faith. There is also a Michigan Democrat who is very pro-life–amazing in the liberal state of Michigan! I think we need to put pressure on Democrats to adapt pro-life platforms–it makes no sense that the party of the common man, the poor, the disenfranchized, the minority, and the oppressed has rejected the unborn.

Odd huh? Some people say that if JFK were alive today, he would be a Republican.

Jennifer Granholm (MI Governor) vetoed the PBA bill.

only at state level…national …all bets are off :wink:

Whenever I hear that a Democrat is pro-life (Joe Donnelly is one, right here in Indiana) I broadcast that as much as I can. I figure they can use the support, since they are likely to be unpopular among the Democratic Party leadership.

We’re are not to judge, but we are to discern. I will not judge a person who is for “choice” (AKA death), but I can discern that anyone in favor of killing the unborn is not Catholic regardless of what they call themselves.

Catholics for Choice is irrelevant. It’s one woman in an office. The only reason she gets any press is because of the liberal media. I wouldn’t be too scandalized by this lone dissadent.

Censorship is awful; what might be better for parents/children is education.

And like someone said, this is quite an oxymoron if I’ve seen one.

My question: If the Catholic Church is so Pro-Life, why the hck aren’t all these Pro-Aborts being excommunicated? Don’t you believe in keeping your congregation clean and free from apostacy?

I don’t mean to be harsh, but even the Jehovah’s Witnesses have the guts to oust people who defy their teachings!

Would throwing then out proive anything? Would it help them find their way back to truth of life. Will it stop them?
No, No, and No. To be honest. Yes they are violating morals, but we need to help them, not cast them out.

For the most part I agree with you HOWEVER in the case of ann Stone, who was the head of Catholics for Chice she always made it a point in interviews to say she had not been excomunicated so it was obvious it was Ok to be a Catholic for Choice.

" I committed murder and I wasn’t shot to death on the spot. Therefore it must be okay to live and be a murderer "

By the way that was an illustration of a point, not a confession of an actual crime. Please don’t misunderstand.

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