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What can we do about this

Basically Daniel A. Dombrowski, PhD works for Seattle university a catholic university and he is on the board of directors for Catholics for choice

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I find it interesting that it list animal rights issues as one of his main interest yet he’s part of a group that promotes abortion as a healthy choice for women. I’d say by definition this guy is no Catholic.

Sad thing is many “Catholics” agree with this idea. The daughters of Eve (feminists) have brainwashed entire generations for several decades.


“Catholics for Choice”, like “male pregnancy”, is oxymoronic.

Or just plain moronic. :smiley:


Seattle University seems to be a basically lay-run organization (the vast majority of trustees and regents are lay people). Chances are that it is chartered by the State as a non-profit corporation.

In principle, you could contact the University president, Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J., (the University president) or Peter Ely, S.J. (the VP for mission and ministry), but unless you are an alumnus (alumna), a parent of a student, a benefactor, or, perhaps (but doubtfully), a student, your complaints would fall on deaf ears.

Likewise, you potentially could contact the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus to express your concerns, particularly if contacting the Jesuits on the executive council of the university fall on deaf ears.

If that was unsuccessful, you might even try contacting the Father General of the Jesuits, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J.

If you choose to do so, I would suggest that you not express outrage, but concern for the state of the students’ souls. Frankly, if you have no proof of how this professor’s personal views on abortion are filtering their way into the classroom, there would likely be very little that they would do about it. If, on the other hand, you had some proof of where his pro-abortion views are making their way into the classroom, you might have some shot at getting something done. But I would suggest that you:

*]Be factual, not emotional – facts are far more powerful than feelings as proof
*]Have actual concrete evidence: tapes of lectures, class handouts, and so on
*]And be certain to express yourself so that you are concerned rather than outraged
Without that, you’re wasting your time (“academic freedom”). With that, you have a shot, albeit a massively long shot.


certainly no catholics in that group.


I think that this sums it up:


I think they should sued for libel and slander for damaging the reputation of true Catholics by making Catholics and others believe that one can be pro choice and Catholic. And, they should be excommunicated. I think there is plenty of evidence that these people lead Catholics astray into thinking that Catholics can accept the evil of abortion.


I called the university and they said it didn’t matter then I called the Jesuits in Oregon and they said sadly there is nothing they can do because the university is self governing


The reaction of the university is sadly, unsurprising. Did you talk to a customer service agent or a secretary…or did you speak by one of the two priests I mentioned above in person? If not, I’d suggest talking to Father Ely (campus ministry) and getting his take on it.

But before you do, review what I said above: if you don’t have evidence that this professor is pushing his views on the students, Father Ely will likely not be too motivated to do much.

If you were to talk to the superior (himself), likely the only thing he would be able to do is to order the Jesuits on staff to leave (an order they’d have to obey because of their vow of obedience). I don’t know what the charter of the institution says, but that might cause them to lose their designation as a Jesuit university (depending upon how their charter is set up).

He might be able to speak out against this situation as well. And perhaps he could publicly disavow the organization.

But, again, for him to go out on a limb like that (as this would be seen as a VERY political move), you would need to have some variety of proof at how this professor’s teaching is putting the souls of the students at risk. Mere membership in an organization, no matter how repulsive that organization is, won’t be enough.

You have to look at it this way: leaving and removing their sponsorship is a permanent thing. If the Jesuits left that campus, they would never be allowed back (the same thing with the CSC in the case of Notre Dame). You don’t do that lightly…as any good that the Jesuits do on that campus would come to a screeching halt.

And that’s why I said you need to have actual proof, evidence that you can provide those people.


Yes he is a Catholic, by virtue of his baptism, which is a sacrament that cannot be undone.

What he is though is a sinner, and his particular sin warrants excommunication probably. But even excommunication doesn’t cause one to cease being Catholic.


The people in the organization are sadly self-deluded.

I call the promoters of abortion, Death-eaters.


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