Catholics have you had people/family offline mistreat you or try to ruin your life because you're catholic?


Anyone got any stories to tell?


Nope (10 char)


People trying to “ruin my life”… Honestly, I can’t think of anyone trying to do that to me, ever, for any reason.

Being “mistreated” – well, that sort of thing happens all the time, to me and by me. That’s called sin and pride and impatience and low blood sugar. Can’t think of a time it occurred because of being Catholic, though. It’s always pretty random.

We forgive, we ask forgiveness, we move on.


NOPE my whole family is Catholic except one SIL. We hardly ever see each other. We love each other but we KNOW where the other stands on Faith. We have fallen away nieces and nephews on hubby’s side who are prayed for each and every day.

The non Catholic friends I have KNOW where I stand and they try to present their side to me off an on but it doesn’t work.


“Ruin your life” is pretty strong unless you’re posting from Saudi Arabia or something.


You could live with someone like a relative that’s anti Christianity or religion and is negative towards you. Makes you depressed.


That’s not really ruining your life. If someone in my family was virulently anti-Catholic and being obnoxious about it I’d probably just stop discussing religion with them or avoid them entirely. You don’t HAVE to hang around with people who are being jerks.


True you don’t.


Well about 300 people in the Pennsylvania area ruined a lot of our lives


“Ruin you life” is really extreme. What exactly do you mean by that, and why is it of interest?


I’m picturing one of those old timey melodramas where rich father is cutting Junior out of the will. "If you convert to Catholicism, you must leave this house, and I’ll cut off your allowance, and cut you out of my will! You hear me? Not - one - penny! "

Actually, I think something like that did happen to St. Elizabeth Seton when she converted. Her rich relatives and friends were aghast and didn’t want her around any more bringing disgrace on them with her Catholicism.


I cannot think of one instance of my having been ill-treated due to my faith. And as for someone trying to ruin my life, I just don’t believe that sort of thing happens in reality. As Tis_Bearself so amusingly points out, that sort of thing is more of a plot device in outdated melodramas or the latest soap opera than it is an actual real-life occurrence. And ‘causing depression’ doesn’t count. It is impossible for someone to ‘cause’ depression. Unless it is physiological in origin, depression is caused by our inability to properly deal with what we perceive as adversity, rather than any deliberate action by someone else.


Although I actually haven’t “come out” to my parents about desiring to become Catholic yet, I do hear them say lots of bad things about Catholicism from time to time. I don’t know if they’ll ever say those things to my face after I tell them, but I wouldn’t put it past a certain family member to say something like, “well, if you want to make stupid decisions, that’s your choice” in a frustrated attemptto be spiteful (based on past experience).

I know my family will still love me, and I seriously doubt they’d try to do anything to “ruin” my life because of it. But there will probably be unnecessary side comments here and there.

I do have a non-Catholic friend who threatened to bring up the sex abuse scandal if I ever tried to talk to him about Catholicism.


My grandmother was catholic. She fell in love with a Protestant and they got married and had my mother. This was In the 1930s. Her family told her she wasn’t really married. She had my mother and almost died from puerperal fever. They advised her never to have another child and they never did. Either they never had sex again ( I can believe that of my grandad he loved her and my mam so much ) or they used contraceptives. and when she died in the 1960s they had to battle for her to be buried in the church. Her priest said ‘I haven’t seen her attending mass ‘ and they had to say yes she was but not in this parish. They spent hours in there convincing him. It caused a huge split in the Family in many ways .one of the uncles used to line up the grandchildren and give them money but miss out my mother. As she wasn’t one of them. And now I’m Catholic, knowing all this . The answer is Jesus


Mistreat every now and then yes, but like someone said all families are dysfunctional sometimes. Ruin my life no, because I wouldn’t let them and like others here said, we live in free countries so I don’t see how that would be possible.


I had a very intense reversion to the faith including visions as well as strange things happen to me. My family is supposed to be catholic but I’ve been discouraged from sharing my faith and I’ve been seen as crazy and been ostracized as well as handcuffed and forced into various institutions. Some people have even accused me of being in league with the devil. I should have just followed my instincts and kept things with my confessor but I just felt so alone with little understanding of spiritual warfare and supernatural things that were happening to me. I usually don’t talk about it anymore. I still pray every day but I’ve fallen into some serious worldniness and apathy and boderlinely grave venial sins. I really miss the comfort of mass but I just don’t go and I am terrified to discuss religion with people these days especially family when it is something I’ve been passionate about. At least I still have my rosary. I have been advised by people who have had mystical experiences to no longer discuss them. It had been a long time since anything special or consolation have come my way. I feel displeasing to God and sometimes doubt my faith or sanity because it was so long ago but when I really think about it I can’t offer any other rational explanation than the catholic faith is real and these things happened to me.


Never that bad. I had a baptist friend that used to take shots at “my religion” I’ve never felt horribly mistreated. That was just annoying but she wasn’t singling me out, she was just, you know, getting people “saved.” Most of my family are lukewarm Catholics, one turned evangelical. They have criticisms about the Church but they’ve never dunked on me personally about it.


I unfriended some of my friends on Facebook for posting anti-Catholic stories or articles (mainly of the Fundamentalist Protestant variety). I also reported an far-left atheist troll on a forum who called the Church a “criminal organisation” and that it should be “shut down under RICO” due to the sex abuse crisis (thankfully his post was removed and he left the forum in disgust).

Generally my family is supportive and have no problem with me having converted to Catholicism but sometimes we still have arguments over issues like abortion, euthanasia and eugenics.


When I was around 10 I was jumped and told that I should say that the Baptist religion was the true faith. This person sat on my chest. I was having trouble breathing. I thought I was going to die.


Did you say it?

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