Catholics, if you came to believe that the resurrection did not happen, what would you do?

Would you become Jewish? Reject Abrahamic monotheism altogether? Explore Eastern traditions? Stop caring about religion in general?

I realize that the easy answer would be to say “it’s irrelevant because it would never happen,” but please give the hypothetical a chance, since it is just a thought experiment.


Crawl into a hole and die.

Become atheist/socialist/globalist – with all that that implies.

There is no point to the Church without it, nor, to my mind, does any other religion offer anything worth having if our LORD wasn’t who he said HE was.

I don’t expect that ever to happen however.


Embrace God’s gift of the dark night of the soul and carry on in Catholic prayer and life :thumbsup:

Probably this, without the dark, even without the Resurrection or even God there is hope and light and understanding what the Catholic church teaches. It is expert in humanity.

Well, that is where I am at right now, kinda. So, if I can’t find a way to convince myself that it did in fact happen…right now I’m inclined to say I would embrace some sort of Deism. I’d still pray, I still would try to be a good person…but I wouldn’t be able to remain Catholic.

Pope Benedict, cardinals Kaspar and Mueller have all written some convoluted things about Jesus’ resurrection. Do the research and you will be surprised.

It is impossible to say which way I would go. Your question is asked in isolation - like a bible verse taken out of context - and that context is what would determine what decision I would make.


What if you came to believe you were never born?
I think both have the same probability.
I don’t think you realize that you are not calling on people to make a thought experiment, but asking them to do much more that that, when you ask Catholics to do such a thing.


Here’s the answer

All rightie then. I’ll give it a shot.

Coming to believe in something other than what I believe now would mean that I don’t fully believe all I think I do. I’d have to have a problem with the wine in my wineskins first before I’d see your new wine of no resurrection as necessary. I’d need to pour your “new wine” into them and try to drink from it to come to believe something else. Both get ruined. That is the analogy that Jesus gave us to use for such stuff. ( Matthew 9:17 People do not put new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise the skins burst, the wine spills out, and the skins are ruined. Rather, they pour new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved.” ) Your “new wine” is that the Resurrection didn’t happen. My wineskins say that He is Risen! Alleluia! If I try to put your premise into my wineskins both your premise and my wine will turn sour and the skins themselves will be ruined and won’t hold anything, water, wine, milk, etc. ever again. They’ll need to be pitched as useless. This is very good counsel from God. It applies here.

So wanting to avoid “coming to believe” anything other then what I believe, I’ll have to ask you to flesh out your premise more. What do I mean? Well, did the gals show up at the tomb and find a body on that morning or not? Or did the whole thing not happen, that is the crucifixion and everything else. Or did the crucifixion happen, but no one saw Him alive after that? Which particular Gospel accounts are you suggesting need eliminating for the new wine you’re brewing to fill the skins? Give us something to chew on.


I recently had this discussion with Brandon Vogt:

I think it is easier to believe that a few disciples had visionary experiences of Jesus that were then embellished theologically through reflection and controversy with Jews and other Christians. And yes, I do think people would be willing to die for their side in theological controversy, as an alternative to living in disgrace as a coward and an outcast. Throughout history, people have died for their religious views, regardless of whether they were personally in a position to know whether those views were true.

Full exchange in the comment thread here (where I am also “NowHereThis”):

I would probably opt into some form of nebulous deism. Or possibly some form of neopaganism.


Hello NHT.



And you asked me to flesh out my premise, so I am citing that discussion in order to adopt it as my “fleshing out”.

That’s not a hard question to answer, I’d stop being Christian. That’s the thing about Christianity, you could find the body of Jesus, like the body of Caiaphas the high priest has been found, and destroy it instantly. Unfortunately for the infidels from the time of the Sanhedrin to today, this hasn’t been done.

Judaism I guess. Although I doubt the Jews would be happy with mass Christian populations knocking on their door. They don’t seem to like having converts.

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