Catholics, if you found yourself on an all-Protestant planet, what would your church choice be?

Toooo much combative anti-protestant tone in the threads here, lately.

So in an attempt to lighten the mood and change the tone, can I ask you a question, just for fun?

If you HAD to belong to a Protestant denomination, which one would you choose?

This is a HYPOTHETICAL scenario just for FUN. Please no “I woudn’t choose any, because…(insert anti-protestant rhetoric here)…” . Please no arguments about “Why would you choose such-and-such when they are so (insert anti suchandsuch rhetoric here)”. Please? I know we can do this without bickering :slight_smile: Yes, we can. Can so. Can so…

Ok let me start. I would choose the WELS Lutheran church.

How about you?

I don’t think your question is going to achieve your goal.

I do not find the question amusing or fun.

Ok then here’s a idea: Don’t participate.

Have a nice day :smiley:



Well the obvious choices would be Episcopalian/Anglican where there is a bit more latitude of my own personal choices, Reformed doesn’t interest me, Lutherans are a good bunch, Baptists are a bit like Catholic, Methodists are looking to apply a Method and about getting me sanctified, Pentacostals would want me to speak in tongue and I don’t know about that, Dispensationalists have all those charts and I don’t want to learn all that stuff and I am not for getting Jews to Israel to be anhiliated, Evangelicals have good music and after much thought I decided on

The Ministry of Mike Murdoch…I can sit at home, watch television, send him money and in return when I sow my seed I will get wealthy…I have to succumb to my weaker side you know…:extrahappy:


Lutheran obviously. Maybe Anglican. Oh but wait, I’m not Catholic. Anyway, I think the anti-protestant polemics in here are quite cute at times, but mostly just repetitive.

Are you currently Lutheran (while you are “considering”)? I’m curious as to what synod if you are.

Agree with " mostly just repetitive"

LCMS, no doubt.

I would choose confusion, because that is the seed of protesting, and then convert to the Catholic Church because it has Gods Mark of Approval.

+Lord, Have Mercy+

Please, if you can’t choose a denomination then just don’t answer. I expressly asked for no anti-protestant statements in this thread. That’s the whole point of it, is to get away from that sort of thing.

Nominally Dutch Reformed, never went to church though. But of all the protestants I like the Lutherans the most. They have a somewhat traditional liturgy, are not as liberal as the anglicans and they are just more apostolic in their doctrines than the calvinists.

If I couldn’t have the fullness of truth, I guess I’d go for the most beautiful and uplifting liturgy possible. High Church Anglican, I suppose.

Aha, thanks for answering. I know absolutely nothing about Dutch Reformed (but am preparing to Google, presently!).

Yes I found the WELS Lutheran church I attended to be conservative, liturgical and quite beautiful in the way they did things. The Anglican church I’d attended (ACNA) before was more liberal as you said.

I wish I’d posted a poll! Looks like Anglican and Lutheran are the popular choices thus far.

I really don’t like the question where would I prefer to protest Christ.


Just a hypothetical question, no need to panic lol

If I have to pick a whole denomination probably WELS or LCMS, but If I can pick specific parishes very high-church Anglican would be my first choice.

Maybe Christian Universalist; if I didn’t accept the authority of the Catholic Church, and yet I still intended to be Christian, I imagine I’d reject eternal damnation (although sometimes its easier to believe in Hell than Heaven :p).
But I’d also want lots of liturgy. (Why belong to a church without churchiness?) So maybe a “conservative” branch of the Lutherans or Anglicans.

A title change and a smiley might help.

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