"Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good"

The breaking news Wilkileaks has revealed the Left has plotted to infiltrate the Church and subvert Catholic teaching.


Please let this phony Catholic organization what you feel about their attempt to subvert Catholic teaching:


Nasty. Just nasty. They’re certainly obsessed with it, aren’t they.

The poor dears. They, as Catholics, should know that Christ Himself promised the gates of hell would not prevail against His Bride.

I’m not surprised in the least and have suspected it for a long time (I don’t really know anything about “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good” though). It’s always been there, while ever the Catholic Church has the influence it does, there will always be those who seek to enter and subvert her teachings to their advantage, just as the Communists tried to do.

It’s ideological warfare.

I don’t think it would be helpful to make accusations or anything against particular groups (Although ‘Catholics for Choice’ I’m sure of, as I find it hard to believe anyone is that naïve), but rather, to help live and teach more faithfully the teachings of Christ and His Church, there will always be wolves who try to enter in sheep’s clothing, we cannot see what’s in their hearts and therefore can never call them out, we must instead remain as closely and faithfully grounded in Christ’s teachings as we can.

And Catholic Forums like these we are on also helps greatly to combat this sort of thing I believe.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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While they are often easily identified, what we might worry about are those who long ago infiltrated as DREs, catechists, etc.etc.etc. The activists always try to assume leadership roles. They are change agents.

so much evil

Yes, and sadly, it causes faithful Catholics to begin questioning motives of others and looking over their shoulders. It is very sad. I know I do it to an extent. I love my children’s orthodox Catholic school, but scrutinize everything I hear or see in an effort to ensure our enemies are not breeching our walls. It isn’t fun, but necessary.


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