Catholics in Congress: one-third of House, one-quarter of Senate


WASHINGTON (CNS) — The religious makeup of the 115th Congress is significantly Christian — 91 percent — with Catholics comprising one-third of the House of Representatives and about a quarter of the Senate.

Overall, there are six fewer Christians in the new Congress, at 485 members. But there are four more Catholics, who now total 168.

The high percentage of Christians in Congress is similar to the 87th Congress in 1961, when such information was first collected. At the time, 95 percent of Congress members were Christian.

The data on the religious makeup of the current senators and representatives was collected by Pew Research Center and announced Jan. 3.


But the real question will be are CAF posters going to count for instance Sen Kaine and Congresswoman Pelosi? Or are they going to labeled “in name only”?


We could ignore what party they belong to, along with almost everything else, and simply rate them on where they stand on the non-negotiables.


Well, as of 2015, the US population consisted 22% Catholic ‘in name only’ or otherwise.


To be fair, I labelled the vast majority of both parties as ‘in name only’ in another thread.

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