Catholics in Crimea fear oppression under possible Russian rule

This is sad news. :frowning: I doubt if Orthodox fear oppression in Catholic nations, but maybe I’m wrong about that.

Many Catholics living in the disputed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea are worried about their future after the region declared independence Monday following an overwhelming vote to secede.

Father Mykhailo Milchakovskyi, a pastor in the town of Kerch, Ukraine, in eastern Crimea, told the Catholic News Service that members of his church are frightened by the recent Russian military occupation and fear their communities may be forced out under possible Russian rule.

“No one knows what will happen. Many people are trying to sell their homes and move to other parts of Ukraine,” Milchakovskyi said. “Our church has no legal status in the Russian Federation, so it’s uncertain which laws will be applied if Crimea is annexed. We fear our churches will be confiscated and our clergy arrested,” the priest added.

Praying for them.

Hence why I don’t really understand the newfound Russophilia of some Catholics here, CAFers included. Is an ally in the legitimate Kulturkampf worth the lives and liberty of our brother Catholics?

Everyone was so giddy over the “Russian moral crackdowns” that they failed to see the true nature of the man behind the curtain.

Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven, please pray for our Ukrainian and Crimean Catholic brothers and sisters.

Actually it really does go both ways. There is a long history of Orthodox being killed, having their Churches stolen (or destroyed), and being forcibly converted by Catholics. Most Eastern European countries have horrible histories of violence by both Catholics and Orthodox against each other.

It is very sad and I understand why the Catholics there would feel like fleeing. Many Catholics fled to the Ukraine region from Russia after the end of the Soviet Union to escape possible persecution.

I will pray for peace for our brothers and sisters.
It is difficult in this day of misinformation and propaganda to determine who is doing what to whom anymore.

Exactly. There’s been a lot of anti-Russia propaganda ever since Russia rejected the gay agenda.

Although many of the things you are referring to have happened many many years ago, it would be nice if things would change, i.e., we are in the 21st century, and Catholics are now in a position of being possibly persecuted (along with the Tatars) if Crimea should indeed be part of the Russian federation. Catholics are not treated fairly in Russia.

That is one thing this is another.

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