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I am here to let men in the field of Health Care know that St. Camillus and the Order of St. Camillus are here when you need.
The Order of St. Camillus (Ministers of the Sick) was founded by St. Camillus de Lellis in 1582 and the men are known throughout the world as Camillians. We care for the sick as doctors, nurses, chaplains, administrators and in all areas of health care. Our work is to follow Christ’s mission for the sick, especially the most needy. The Order realizes this work through a variety of services and ministry, based on a holistic approach to the person. In order to exercise our ministry fruitfully, we live the spirit of the common life, directed towards charity. We strive to understand ever more intimately the mystery of Christ and to cultivate a personal friendship with God, so that we may know to be ministers of Christ’s love towards the sick. “In this way, we manifest that faith which in Camillus was expressed in charity and by means of which we see the Lord in the sick. In this presence of Christ in the sick and in those who serve them in his name, we find the source of our spirituality.” (From the Constitution of the Ministers of the Sick, #13.) This is realized through the promotion of health, the prevention of sickness and the provision of care rehabilitation. Special attention is to be given to the alleviation of pain, to human and spiritual accompaniment of the sick and evangelization which reaches its full expression in the celebration of the sacraments, where salvation is proclaimed.
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As a Physician I thank you for your ministry- any thoughts on why your Order is not larger?

I assume you are ecumenical or are you a purely RC order



Yes, we are a Roman Catholic order of priests and brothers. Good question on why we are not larger, possible that we are less know than other orders such as Jesuits or Franciscans. Our charism is especially for Health Care.


You are performing important work- I will have our Conregation include you in our Sunday prayers

CJ McAllister M.D. FACP


Thanks for the prayers. We can use the thoughts for our ministries today and for the young men we hope to join us.


Thank you for posting this. :thumbsup:


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