Catholics in Japan and China

Does anyone else feel a calling to bring the Gospel to Japan and China? I want to save souls in those places. If God is calling me or someone else to go there should I just drop everything and go there? I am sure there would be some people who think it is a bad idea.

I think you should discuss this with your spiritual director.


I think you need special permission from the Pope or Archbishops in China to do it there. The Catholic Church is underground in China. In order protect the lives of Catholics in China, missionary work is (a) not done or (b) done in secret with lots of intell.

Regarding Japan, there most likely is stuff you can do there. Talk to your Parish Priest or Diosese.

I know that the Church in China was underground but I didn’t know you needed permission. I want to save souls there. I can’t stand the though of one more person dying without the Gospel. Also for Japan I think we need a flood of missionaries

Yes I feel that way but more so in Japan because frankly what’s stopping us? Japanese have no religion. They don’t know christ at all and the ones that do are Jehovah witness’s.

There very few Japanese in my. church most of the Asian population we do haves are from the Philippines.

as others have said, in China the church Loyal to the Vicar of Christ is literally UNDERGROUND…like the Christians in the early days of the Church. I’m not sure what the situation is for Japan.

Maybe you should think a little closer to the USA like reviving the faith in Mexico or even here in the USA. There is that you could join and help bring others to Christ or back to His Church.

In China there would be the danger that you could get arrested or you could put the Catholics who have to worship in secret, in danger. I’d recommend closer to home.

HoneyBea is it possible you could start a small personal ministry there? I totally agree with you unlike China Japan is pretty much a bonk canvas when it comes to religion. I know they have a lot of tradition but that is about it.

Sort of. There are a number of Diocese in China that have bishops that are recognized by both Rome and the Patriotic Church ( government run Catholicism)

The Church in those diocese, by definition, would be legitimate.

I know it would be dangerous but what does that matter. They can kill my body but not my soul. I look at St. Francis of Assisi when thinking about converting others. I wonder if that makes me a little crazy :smiley:

I think you need a more than that for a vocation.

These kinds of topics are best addressed with a spiritual director.

Having lived in Japan, I can tell you that, though the percentage is small, there are indeed many Christians there. While it’s true that for most Japanese people their traditional religions are sort of a joke, those who have found and follow Christ are among the most devout anywhere in the world. Even now there are families who threaten to and sometimes do disown a child who decides to be baptized, but they do it anyway because of their deep faith.
And we must give thanks for the sacrifices of the Japanese martyrs of centuries past who gave their lives so that the gospel could gain a foothold in this wonderful country.

I could but the language barrier is brutal and with all the writing in Kanji its not as if I can sound out words : ( I am still learning Japanese.

I agree that those that have found the Christ are very faithful. I feel like Japan has so much opportunity considering they are a blank canvas and they love traditions.

Well God bless you any way :slight_smile:
I will just pray for more missionaries

Come to Japan and do Gods work : )

I live in Japan and feel there is so much potential in this land. The spiritual legacy is already here (St. Francis Xavier, St. Paul Miki, and the many other martyrs). I fully believe JP2 was right when he said the third millennium will see the blossoming of the faith in Asia. If God is calling you here then I would think about it and pray some more about missionary work for Asia.

Honey Bea I will see what Gods will is :

Thank you I think JP2 was right

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