Catholics is Jesus's humanity to be worshipped?


Trinity belief is Jesus became human right? Like us.

Are Catholics supposed to worship Jesus’s humanity?
Like His body?

So when you worship Jesus should you just worship His Deity?


Yes, we worship Jesus’s humanity because of his divinity.


Jesus called Himself both Son of man and Son of God. Yes , we worship Jesus as a part of the Trinity and in that the Body and Blood and Soul and Divinity of Jesus is in the Eucharist.


Is His Humanity Divine?


Thank you for your response


Thank you for your reply


I am not a Theologian by any shot. But that makes sense. Do you have a Priest you can ask for a more definitive answer?

It’s a great question.


The Son of God assumed human nature retaining divine nature.


No, his humanity and divinity are separate. His human nature does not become absorbed into his divine nature like the Monophysites asserted, rather his human nature and divine nature are united by the single person of Christ. This is called the hypostatic union.


What makes it okay to worship his humanity since Jesus’s humanity is not divine? Thank you for your replies.


Because his humanity is united to his divine nature by the person of the Son, Jesus Christ.


Okay. I guess I could ask how His humanity is united to His Divinity like that but that might be difficult to answer. :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:


Jesus is not part this part that.worship one part not the other


Well I just told you, his humanity is united to his divinity by the person of the Son, this is the hypostatic union.


Thank you I guess I can Google that hypostatic Union later.



Thank you for your responses. If you don’t mind me asking where did you learn this? :slight_smile:


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Well, I don’t think you’ll find a chemistry equation that will make it perfectly clear. We believe in one person Jesus Christ. He has a complete human nature and a complete divine nature. These natures both belong to him, but they are not mixed, not intermingled, not one absorbing the other, not hybridized. That is the hypostatic union. It’s what it is, not really an equation that explains precisely how it is.

Since Jesus has the divine nature he is God. But we do not simply worship his nature, we worship him as a person. His person includes the whole package. Since the humanity is part of this package and through Christ associated with the divine, it is worshipped as part of our worship of Jesus as a person. We should not be worshipping Jesus’ human nature by itself, we should be worshipping him as a whole, both his humanity and divinity, together.

Now Catholics do have special devotions to Jesus’ sacred heart and to his precious blood. We should be clear that we do not do this in contradiction to what was stated above. The precious blood and sacred heart devotions lead us into the deeper mysteries of Christ’s (as a person, not only a human) passion and love. If we practice these devotions, we should be clear we are not devoting ourselves exclusively to a body part, but to certain focus’ of Christ’s person as a whole, which the precious blood and sacred heart are types of.


Wesrock thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

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