Catholics Living Off The Grid


Hi there. My husband and I are in our thirties, and looking to move to the northwest to live off of the grid.

We are faithful Catholics and first would like to know if there are any other catholic families/communities looking to do this, preferably in the Pacific Northwest.

Please pray to us as we are currently trying to discern where God may be calling us.

I am also an AMI trained Montessori teacher with 7 years of experience, possibly looking to begin a Montessori school. God bless.


You can only truly live off the grid in Alaska. Surrounded by grizzly bears :bear:


The only real “ground up” Community that I know of that you could live in/near is the one run by John Michael Talbot in Arkansas. I do know there are a few good communities surrounding Benedictine College in Nebraska.

I don’t think any of those are truly “off grid” and I doubt you’re going to find Catholics off-grid in the PNW as it tends to be very secular.


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