Catholics love their work more than Evangelicals, study finds


*In a recent study by Baylor University, evidence shows that Catholics win out over Christian Evangelicals in terms of who is the most emotionally committed to their place of employment. The one mitigating factor, according to the study, is how big the company is. The smaller the company, data suggests, the more committed the Catholic is. …

Kent said he can’t be certain of the reason for the differences the study found, guessing that “for religious believers, being committed to work may be a way of ‘doing’ a religious commitment - not just earning a paycheck, but rather, cooperating with God for a larger purpose.”…

The other finding that surfaced in the study is that people who have no religious affiliation are not likely to have an attachment to God, and they are also at the back of the bus in terms of their feelings of commitment towards their workplaces.

Their scores were considerably lower on the scale of workplace attachment than that of Catholics and Evangelicals. …

Kent wanted to stress that his findings should not be used by small businesses to disproportionately hire Catholics rather than Evangelicals, however tempted they may be.

*Full article: Crux Now


…breaking news, Hillary is so far ahead of Trump in the polls and all the studies are finding that this is going to be a landslide victory for Hillary!!!

Come on, especially after this election year I have no faith in polls or studies, especially those done by the media and universities.

As much as I hope this is true (because it makes us Catholics look great) I cannot take it at face value.


It would be interesting to critique in depth with a higher level of measurement. Smaller companies may be hypothesized as having less aggressive environments than at larger companies. Of course, there could be hostility towards religion at any size companies that affect people’s attachment to work.


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