Catholics need to focus more on Public Revelation than Private Revelation



I know most of you know me already. I think lately there has been a focus too much by lay Catholics on private revelation. Of course the Church does not require us to believe in these. I do accept some of them especially if these apparitions deal with Jesus Christ on a personal level like the Divine Mercy Message by St. Faustina.

There has been discussions about Fatima and other Marian apparitions. I think these apparition proves to be a mere distraction from the public revelation of Jesus Christ, which the CC have preserve for over 2,000 yrs.

Instead of saying the Rosary, why not focus on doing Liturgy of the Hours, or Holy Hours, or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament?

Isn’t the Eucharist the center, source, and summit of our faith? There is should be more discussion on Public revelation of Jesus Christ than private revelations. For public revelations saves the souls of many.


You mean to say that the apparitions have not saved souls? What about the Blessed Mother’s apparition at Guadalupe that converted much of Mexico from peganism to Christianity?


Though I can see your point, I disagree.

Mainly because every approved Marian apparition is Christocentric anyway.

Furthermore, I do not see these apparitions as “distractions”, but as precisely what they are, gifts from God that point the world to Our Lord and encourage His people to ever deeper commitment and faith.

Rather than saying, “Instead of saying the Rosary, why not focus on doing Liturgy of the Hours, or Holy Hours, or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament?” why not simply remind people to do all those things and also pray the other great chaplets that we have, like the DMC, the Chaplet of St. Michael the archangel, and others?

What’s going on with you Manny? Are you overly worrying about what a-Cs say? I’m sure not. I love being Catholic and all the many beautiful aspects of it that help me focus on my faith and commitment to Our Lord.

Rather than seeking to limit the devotions that people get into, I prefer to encourage them to expand their interior life and embrace the rich wealth of gifts that God has graced His church with which has drawn me into the very best relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ I have ever had in my life. :slight_smile:


Expanding their interior life is good. Buying spiritual books like “My Daily Bread” helps.


God has spoken to my heart so many times while praying the Rosary. I grow so close to our Lord thru His Mothers Rosary I could not imagine not praying it everyday.


The Rosary is a Christocentric prayer with Jesus at the heart of every single hail Mary. Manny my friend that’s a slippery slope you’re standing on encouraging people not to pray the rosary. I personally would be far more comfortable saying “why not focus on doing Liturgy of the Hours, or Holy Hours, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and the Rosary.”

As far as people paying too much attention to private revelation, what constitutes too much? If it detracts from keeping Jesus the center of your focus and life, then yeah… there’s a problem there. I love discussing all aspects of my faith including private revelation.

The Eucharist is the center, source, and summit of our faith, but I would be carefull to present it as an either or argument… It’s both and.




I think people need to focus on public revelation than private revelation. That is what I am trying to point out.

The Eucharist is the center, source, and summit of our faith, but I would be carefull to present it as an either or argument… It’s both and.

I am offering **other alternatives ** than praying the rosary. The rosary focus on the mysterious of the life of Christ.

There are some Catholics who have put more focus on private revelations than public revelations. Many traditionalist Catholics have come at length to show the Church is in error by using the visions of saints from private revelations. They use these private revelations as to go against Second Vatican Council.

There needs to be a focus on public revelation than private revelation.


I understand. However, I believe the rosary is newer than the Liturgy of the Hours. So in fact, the rosary is an alternative to the Divine Office. :smiley:

The pendulum swings. I commend your effort to point out that we may be off-center (I’d say unbalanced, but that carries negative connotations) and emphasizing one over the other. Not because one is wrong, but because we are creatures of habit.

While it IS “both/and” in our faith, as humans we sometimes get hung up on something that works for us and emphasize the other things less. It’s a great exercise to jump out of our “rut” and dip into that wonderful deposit of Faith and pull out something we haven’t tried before.

That’s the kind of riches we are heirs to…



I sort of agree with you Manny. The problem is, as the others have pointed out, the Marion apparations are just as true and legitimate for Christianity, and have the objective of guiding ALL to The Light.

But I see your point about the seeming focus on ‘individual details’ as opposed to the holistic view required to illuminate all the Apparations; Jesus Christ, which is something most non-Catholics don’t readily see. They see the devotion as being somehow avertive of Christ when in fact, as Catholics, we always ‘see Him’ in every “private” revelation.

The fact that there will be NO MORE public revelation until He returns is just something we have to accept and persevere with.

It’s similar to Scriptural arguments. Many Catholics descend too readily into the details of Scriptures and their refutations are lost or diminished in the details, from an outsider’s viewpoint.



Manny, I agree with you. I have no problem with private revelations. But it does bother me when people obsess over the ‘true’ meaning of Fatima, or try to use Fatima and other private revelations to predict the future and the like. Frankly, it feels very Protestant, like the Left Behinders pouring through Revelation to see if Walmart is the beast or something.

We have all the revelation we need in the Word left by Christ. Private revelation is a great blessing to those who receive it, but I think the Christ’s message was complete and delivered to the Apostles. That’s what I focus on.


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