Catholics Needed -Voice Chats


Hi ,and GBU all , my brother told me some time ago about a voice enabled chat ,I went there registered and downloaded the chat , I have been going there to Christianity section ,for going on yr and a half, the Catholics are greatly out mumbered in rooms, it is easy to make a room , and through the admin console can dot or bounce if someone inappropriate. there is a catholic room during the day at times, I work 3-11 and open one if one not open,if possible, there are also some rosary rooms early evening EST, and lmidnight in Religious section. There is Catholic Chat II , and What Catholics Beleive and Why on occassion ones with other names. The Christian rooms beware , there are many Anti-Catholics , the first time I encounted this , I ran to the Catholic room and cried like a baby, I prayed to the Lord to help me to get a tougher skin for His honor and glory, and He has helped me greatly. There are quite a few very learned in the faith , and scripture and apologetics .but not enough, this is a wide vineyard for the Lord , and not enough workers , therre are groups called Messianic , Jews comming to Christ , who came through Protestantism , some groups beleive in the Trinity , others have different concepts. I have met and know some ,and one particulare Group ,MBI they have rooms with that in it , are very nice people , yet ,difficult to break through the wall that the Catholic Church is the Church from Jesus , and the Apostles. The Lord has given us a new Land to evangelize in the Internet, don’t just brush it off that it is just "on line " stuff , there are Hundreds , Thousands comming through these room weekly. Help, Your needed . In Christ Jesus , ElijahsSpirit


It sounds like utter chaos! What prevents it from becoming a shouting match where everyone is trying to talk at once?


The rooms that you , or some one else opens has admins control ,can red dot inappropriate comments or bounce anyone disrespectful , or just dot them. Only one can speak on mic at a time, if your running a Tape , audio, you can red dot text so no comments , and keep anyone from attempting to take mic while tape running. It is good site , yes there is definate differences of opinion, thus the need for Evangelism, and there are some prayer rooms. I was never at yahoo voice chats , but I’m told the pal talk is much better , all rooms made have rating catagory, so G , is for General public,Christianity section not have other types of content ,not appropriate for anyone let alone Christianity. It has great possibilites for success. There have been converts, one fella just finished RCIA and came into the Church this past Easter. God Bless


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