Catholics of generation y and new technologies?

hi everybody, my name’s michael. i live in australia, i’m doing an assignment on how catholics of generation y use new technologies such as the webistes, mobile phones, forums, social networking sites, etc. my main focus is on the event of world youth day 2008, and how the pope engaged in using text messaging via mobile phone to communicate with pilgrims of generation y. can anybody tell me of generation y how they effectively participate and communicate with peers amongts their religion and what new technologies they find convienient and useful, in learning and staying close to their catholic faith?

sure welcome here:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

At 25 I think I fall into gen. Y.

I went to Catholic high school but have fallen out of touch with almost all of my classmates. Lately by joining Facebook I have found many of them and can catch up on life.

In Catholic college I was part of a household (think fraternity but holier). We have set up a website with a members-only forum and stay in touch / call each other on to holiness / pray for each other through it.

And of course there is and I can listen to the archived radio shows while at work to build up my faith.

Hope that helps some. My 18 year old brother was at WYD and had a great time!

mm…i think definately facebook!! with all the different groups…
i.e. - 'see you in madrid '11’
umm…there is a new catholic social networking group which stemmed from wyd -
yeah…there just some of the ways.

Did you go to Franciscan? Just curious if other Catholic Colleges have Households? (sorry for the side note OP, I am way not part of Gen Y - more like the mother of Gen. Y :p)

Brenda V.

Yes - go Barons!

As for households, my sister is a senior this year at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA and told me recently that there is a household there now. Not sure how extensive the system is. For years now St. Vincent’s has been trying to get a little more like Franciscan :slight_smile:

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