Catholics on TVO

There was an interesting piece this week on TVO which is a public broadcaster here. It was called "Catholics: Time to Stop Apologizing?"
I don’t know how long they will keep this video link available because for some of their shows it becomes merely an audio link after a while. The show aired December 19.
All four guests appear to be Catholic. For the record, Michael Coren is a broadcaster who moved here from England and states right off that he’s a Jewish convert to Catholicism (he followed the Jewish-Evangelical-Catholic trek. Catholic Answers should have him as a guest!). The other interesting guest was Giulio Silano. His accent is difficult to understand but it’s worth listening carefully to what he has to say. The other two guests were ok however not as orthodox.

The previous night had an equally able Catholic speaker, Father Raymond J. de Souza. They threw him in with a group of secular sociological/demographic types to debate “the 24/7 Lifestyle” and he brought the debate to a whole new level every time they let him speak. You will be very proud of him and your Catholicism. December 18.

And finally, if you can get hold of the July 2, 2007 episode of the same program I would highly recommend it. There was a round-table discussion with a representative from every major religion in the country. This included a number of protestant representatives, and the Catholics were represented by the scholarly Toronto archbishop Thomas Collins. Of the Christians, he was the only one to bring Christ into the discussion. He was such a beacon of light. With all religions present, the contrast between Catholicism and every other religion was so obvious.

Thank you so much for posting this.
Those should be some great shows.

I actually burned that show to CD for a couple of fellow parishoners who don’t have computers. They are orthodox and it was music to their ears.

I loved how the other sects/religions thought that it was so great to be progressive and keep with the times while the Arch Bishop simply maintained that the culture was largely toxic and that the Church has much more to teach the world than the world could ever teach Her. Great stuff!

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