Catholics only please(again)



Did the BVM make atonement for sin with her Son?:slight_smile:

If yes, please explain.

if no, please explain


No, Mary did not make atonement for all mankind. Only her Son could do that. Nothing a mere human could do would atone for the sins of all of humanity.
I recommend a reading of :
It’s far too in depth to cover in a short answer.
Mary assists in a most humanly perfect way, but still human.


No, the Church does not teach such a thing.


No. Mary did not make atonement for sins.

Why? Because she was not the Incarnate Son of God.

Did she have a role in the “salvific economy” (as John Paul II called it)? Yes. But then we all do as “co-workers with Christ”.

Mary’s role was unique, but it didn’t make her divine nor did it make her the “one mediator between God and man”.

Jesus fulfilled that role by presenting his blood to the Father as atonement for our sins. We re-present this one sacrifice of Christ to the Father in the Eucharist, joining ourselves to it in a sacramental and mystical way.

I hope that answers your questions. :slight_smile:


I heard an anti-catholic preacher read that somewhere ,I forget the source, like always anti-catholics always miss quote the Church.


It’s unfortunate that some keep on restating such things. If such folks want to know what the Catholic Church actually teaches they only have to consult the Catechism. :shrug:


Not unless you have in mind something such as what St. Paul said about his own sufferings–I am paraphrasing from memory here–“in my own body I make up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ.”

Did he mean that he was atoning for sin in the same way as Christ? No, but he was adding his own sufferings to the cross of Christ, thereby giving them value.


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