Catholics only please: keep praying for the conversion of James White


Now that James White has attempted to humiliate me on the front page of AOM for addressing the obvious about him, I feel a much greater need to pray for His conversion. Please spend some time fasting for him, if you feel led to and pray before the Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament for his conversion.

James White would probably love to draw me into a fight and smear my name all over kingdom come but I refuse to go there. Catholic Christians it’s time to take a strong stand for Christ and his church, the abuse against the Catholic Church has risen to new levels by some of these men like James White and Matt Slick and it’s obvious they are teaching others to follow in their ways. Press into Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray pray pray!

Peace in Christ,


Be at peace.

James White does not have the courage or the integrity to allow feedback or comments on his site; in this way, he seeks to ensure that his incessant flow of drivel goes unchallenged in the eyes of those sycophants that read his site daily.

What’s he afraid of? That Catholics might actually make too much sense in their responses?


The guy loves this sort of thing, it’s astounding. Do you feel my comments were untrue and “unloving” Randy? I would be the first to apologize if anyone felt I was wrong in what I said


I don’t, but no one would accuse me of being impartial! :slight_smile:


My comment was in response to a poster who claimed that James White had been, “nothing but cordial” in his debates and he could not understand why we would want to pray for his conversion?? I simply explained to him most of the dirt goes on behind the scenes.


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