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If we have the tools to become perfect and Christ demands us to be so, why do Catholics fail? Even the holiest of saints are still sinners. Why is Christ harsher in dealing with his followers than people outside of his church?
For every quality I lack, I can think of many people who possess it. Where do I find my place in life? I do not think I have many good qualities per se. Maybe my qualities just do not fit in with American lifestyle.
Some people seem to fit perfectly in with the rhythm of life and there were never critiqued harshly as children, while others were rebellious teens. Is it difficult to believe everyone is equal before God anyways? From the sinner who will never repent to the saint who suffers more for God’s sake.
Why do people sin in ways that hurt them? (holding onto to anger,resentment, anxiety, suicide, not accepting life or a situation as it is, wanting to please others). It seems smarter to sin by hurting others, at least you love yourself and can take care of yourself.
Supposedly we all have weaknesses. For some people I honestly see nothing wrong with them. Others there list of frailties cannot be numbered.



2028 “All Christians . . . are called to the fullness of Christian life and to the perfection of charity” (LG 40 § 2). “Christian perfection has but one limit, that of having none” (St. Gregory of Nyssa, De vita Mos.: PG 44, 300D).


We *tend *towards perfection…perfection is not arrived at here on this pilgrimage.

Also note the important difference between mortal sins, venial sins and imperfections and involuntary difficulties…


Have you found a Spiritual Director yet?


Well, the Bible says that we are made in His image; it doesn’t say that we are exact clones. I don’t know where it says that we are born equal, but that we have free will. Those who seem to have everything going for them; do they. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, what’s in their bank accounts, or how they are driven or not driven. I don’t worry about the other guys or what kind of cars they drive. As long as I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and a bed to sleep in, I consider that to be my “just due” in the world. There are thousands that don’t have that much and probably wonder why and where is their piece of the pie. This is not a prayer, but a personal reflection. I do pray for those that are in any kind of need.

*An image is just a reflection, not a true picture of who and what we are. You have the opportunity to enhance the person you see in the “looking glass,” looking back at you.


It is to live in the now


Not yet. I wanted to have one. I prefer a female.


Try inquiring at the nearest Retreat center. Also, ring up the Diocese. They should have a listing of qualified people. :wink:


Just off the top, a lot of thoughts that dig at yourself will resolve themselves thru … awareness of Jesus’ presence within you. Once that becomes your goal, then the good things start to happen.

It is a good idea to think about what you want to do rather than what you didn’t do.
By knowing his presence, it seems many unimportant things just drop by the wayside.
The inner life takes on meaning and our life improves … no miracles tho, but more joy and peace.


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