Catholics playing in Hindu temples

As a Catholic, what is the correct spiritual posture when one is performing devotional songs inside Hindu temples?

In my case, I play percussion.

I think you may need to elaborate -

Are you playing tradiitonal Hindu bhajan or kirtan, or some other type of music? If these, and played on traditional instruments, there may be a prescribed traditional method of playing, much like playing a classical piece. Most classical Indian music I have seen has the musicians seated or kneeling, depending on what they’re playing.

You mention prcussion - tabla?

What is a “spiritual posture?” :confused:

Play your instrument as you normally would. I wouldn’t offer the incense, food or ghee to the statues, or eat the offered food or pray with fire as these are contrary to the Catholic faith. However, if someone basically feeds you without you being able to say anything - this happened to me, my friends mom who was like a mother to me, basically put an offered candy in my mouth - just smile and say thank you since the person did so out of love for you despite not knowing your belief.

Why are you, as a Catholic, playing devotional songs inside Hindu temples? :confused:

The correct spiritual posture is leaving the Hindu temple and ceasing to offer devotional music to false gods.

That’s a bit overboard isn’t it? I know Catholic musicians that play at Episcopal and Methodist churches, and Hindus that sing at Catholic Liturgies, etc.

Since the majority of American Catholic Liturgy is so banal, many talented musicians, especially of the traditional sacred variety would have a difficult time with their career if they limited themselves to the few Traditional Extraordinary Form Latin, Eastern Catholic, Orthodox or SSPX parishes.

I think there’s a big difference in Christians playing/singing at different denominations within the Christian faith, than in a non-Christian faith. The Israelites were commanded to tear down all objects of worship that weren’t dedicated to Jehovah.

The correct posture? Head for the door marked ‘exit’

Thanks all. I have found that an optimum posture is a spirit of brotherhood. Every religion has a projection of spiritual expression and connection with the metaphysics.
I’m a catholic mexican. I have played stick frame drums to accompany harmonium players and singers and the musical metres and rhythmic patterns are really precise.
We christians venerate thousands of saints and hindus have deities and saints also.


I admire you on this.

Clearly syncretism at work here. There is no comparison between Christian (capital C, same with Catholic) saints and Hindu…whatever. Does your pastor know about all this?

You admire blasphemy?

This is the type of Indian devotional songs I accompany:


This music, in of itself, is very beautiful. I can see how you might be drawn to it.

The first video, however, is very disturbing. Is this a video about worshiping and calling upon The Hindu God Hanuman - the Monkey God ? Do you know what the words mean? Shouldn’t you find out? Should you be involved in this?

It might be a good idea for prayers to be said for an increased devotion to Jesus, and for Jesus to change your heart. Remember, he quoted the scripture to Satan, saying, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve/”

Just because there may also be some devotional songs to Jesus, it doesn’t make it OK.

This is, really, a very serious matter. And I would agree with the above poster, and ask if your pastor knows about this. Whether or not he does, however, Jesus knows about it. Please do not commit idolatry by being involved in worshiping other gods, or participating, even though you might not agree, because by participating, you are showing you think it’s OK.

I think I worded this wrong.
I didn’t mean to sound like I was questioning your devotion to God. :nope: How dare I imply such a thing.
What I meant though, is that it’s often a good idea to ask God to give you His perspective, and if that perspective turns out to be different, to pray for a changed heart.

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