Catholics: remember your abstinence and fast!

Posting this just to help Catholics to remember to abstain from meat and fast today according to Church rules.

Lent is here. A time of penance and sacrifice that we may be certain that ends with the Glory of Christ resurrected!


Can I still have coffee on Ash Wednesday?

I think yes, but without sugar!

Yes, fluids are permitted.

I don’t have coffee on fasting days but it’s a personal thing. I enjoy coffee so it makes sense for me to refrain from it in a fast.

I don’t think it’s forbidden though… liquids are ok.

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This is not true. That is a personal choice.


Quoting @Camehome4john6 on another thread.

Let’s not add any hurdles to people that Holy Mother Church has not.

You are allowed coffee and you are allowed cream and sugar. (Latin Rite Catholics.)


Yes, but we can still judge those who think they need to add sugar to their perfectly fine coffee! :wink:


I fixed Son and I a pasta Salad :slight_smile:

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Whole wheat is evil. :smiling_imp:

At least for me.

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My parents made spaghetti with meat sauce so I had to fix myself spaghetti aglio e olio e peperoncino. Luckily I’m decent at cooking :slightly_smiling_face:

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For me, nothing shows up under the lines of text.

Thanks but I doubt most of us need a reminder.


I’m pretty sure it’s just me not a you problem. Also, I saw the link just fine. Thanks!

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No, but I don’t plan to “give up” meat for lent other than on the prescribed days.

So I don’t need recipes that are “more healthier.”

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Thank you…

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