Catholics that use to be Mormon

I am trying to find others comments, if you use to be LDS and became Catholic. How did your families react and how do they accept you know?

My wife’s family and my family are all non-Mormon. We joined the LDS Church when we were in our late teens. My wife and children are still Mormon. I have resigned from the Mormon Church, but attend sacrament meeting with my family every week in addition to mass. My family isn’t thrilled with my decision, but we’re still an intact family! We’ve just agreed to disagree about religion.

I went from Mormonism to atheism to Catholic. My family are atheist. They seem to hang on to this hope that this is a passing phase, and generally are waiting patiently for me to come to my senses.

We agree to disagree. Though, yesterday my husband called me a Cathaholic. :smiley:

my father is now the bishop in our old ward. he and i talked alot while i was still active about all the revisionist history and the FPR’s. but somehow he clings to the notion that it must be true so after he’s dead he’ll get some explanation of how it all could be true despite the seeming facts to the contrary. I moved away and don’t see them much as they rarely visit. they are supposed to come in october.

My mom won’t read or listen to anything not faith promoting. she figures it’s all anti-mormon lies. she is kinda funny in being a bit of a cafeteria mormon doctrinally. (she lives it to the t) she is a feminist and somehow doesn’t see the contradiction there. she thinks the celestial kingdom is where she’ll be a goddess and tell me dad what to do like she does now. she believes he’ll have other wives there but they’ll be her handmaids that she gets to boss around. she emails my wife mormon propaganda from time to time and always works church **** in to any phone conversation. (she doesn’t call often)

my parents believe we are going to the telestial kingdom and worry i might even go to outer darkness as an apostate who led away innocent children. they will not help us in any way for fear the they would be interfering in the lords efforts to “humble” me.
they accept that we are family but believe we left for social reasons when were all involved with a catholic school that our kids were going to. they think after we moved we stayed catholic so we can drink coffee and tea and alcohol. they prefer my hypocrite sister who goes to all the singles events chasing men and pretends to be TBM cuz she would never leave the church. (the YM mow her lawn and she gets to feel important teaching classes in RS from time to time) and her friends are members. she drinks way more than me and likes to party. (i’m pretty much a stay at home with a 2 drink limit)

hmmm…that was kinda a rant. i’m sorry.

stinky fun, eh.

I didn’t go into parents and siblings.

When I was thinking of a Catholic baptism, I worried what my dad would think, as he is the one who baptized me a Mormon. Pretty much, that would be the only thing he’s ever given me that has any meaning to him. I felt like getting another baptism would be me, giving up the only thing that connects me to my father. To this day I have not told him of my Catholic baptism.

We never have deep conversations about anything. I have deeper conversations with the people I work with, who are hardly more than strangers.

i understand. my dad had ordained me a high priest when i was called to the bishopric. it hurts both ways but i had to do what i knew was right

What a Moron!

Possibly. But I think it all is much more complicated than that.


Tales from another broken home.

I grew up Catholic and loved every minute. Funny enough when Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped and returned home safe I went to the LDS church to see how it was. How she worshiped. Before I knew it I was talking to missionaries and being sucked in. I thought my missioanry was cute and he would marry me (how stupid)

I told my folks I was getting baptized and they were sad. tried giving me anti stuff but came to the baptism. 3 weeks after being confeirmed i sent in to get my name removed. Mostly because I never felt comforatble at meetings and cuz of

Then about 2 years ago. I was feeling lost (I have a lot of depression issues) and saught out the Mormon church again (the LDS church LOVES people who feel lost. Anyway I met with missionaries who told me i was on the right track coming back I got baptized and again got my name removed about 3 months later.

I told my mom and dad I was going to go back to the Catholic Church and they said ‘okay’ but I could tell they were totally happy.

I know I broke a lot of LDS missionary hearts (the second time around) but I just couldn’t do it. I was bored at meetings and just wanted to be home in the Catholic Church.

Lately I am moved to tears by songs at mass. I know that is because I am truly HOME!

Thaks for all those that have posted.

I will pray for you Patty

I was born and raised in the LDS church all of my life. I never thought I would leave the Mormon church in a million years. However, once I became an adult and started to “question” the truth about the Mormon church it was clear I had to find the "true church " that God left us here on this earth.

To answer your question: Some of my family members will have very little to do with me now that I’m Catholic. (They believe the catholic church is the church of satan) so they can’t be around me and my children… anyway, some of my family still have “hope” for me to return but the active LDS members of my family are in thier own world and I just happen to not be a part of it much anymore.

But I’m praying that one day they will search as I did to know the truth…

I am just wondering if there are any more out there. That wish to post.

My family was furious that I married a Catholic. When I became Catholic they disowned me. My family hasn’t met my two youngest children, nor do they answer phone calls.

In 2004 I went to place flowers on my Father’s grave and went back the next day to find out they were removed. (It was Father’s Day… my Mom is VERY particular about who is allowed to get away with putting flowers there).

Needless to say, they’re not happy about it.

in Christ

God’s love will prevail.

Why does your profile request questions about water?

Hi all,

First thanks to everyone that has shared their personal stories.

I have really been sad reading this thread, I guess I have never really considered in depth the family and extended family dynamics involved with leaving the LDS.

Not to get off topic ( VERY INTERESTING THREAD IMHO ) but I wonder if this " family ties " is not a strong reason to stay in the LDS?

At any rate, Thanks to those who shared :slight_smile:

Gos bless,

My family have pretty much done the same. I was about to go on my mission when I woke up and started to think fo rmyself instead of the LDS faith telling me how I should feel and what I am suppose to do with my life. I thank God every day for the Army because once I got out into the world and out of the land of Zion(Utah) LOL I really grew as a man.

I don’t remember doing that. hmmm. LOL

I work at a water purification company and our motto is “We can do anything with water but walk on it!”.

in Christ

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