Catholics Trapped by Feminism

The gentleman behind the “6 Reasons to NOT Send Your Daughter to College” article that went viral not to long ago have done a follow up of sorts called “Catholics Trapped by Feminism.”

From the article

What the feminists have to sell is a package deal because once the girl receives her “education” (degree), who would want to squander something with such a high value? And would God want her to squander all of her wonderful talents just being a wife and mother? So she goes to work for money—she can be bought. Her husband is very encouraging to her in doing so because of all of the trinkets and luxuries he’ll receive not to mention how much easier it will make things on him, but he expresses this as “respect” for her abilities and gifts and his admiration for her. Once she is working, having children is an interruption. When and if she has them, she is concerned with returning to work. This causes a great dilemma for the woman whose nature tells her to remain with her child and raise her. So this is where it likely becomes sinful as she will either contracept or use a natural form of postponing pregnancy without due cause. So we see many small Catholic families today who claim that the times require them to live as such. But they have fallen into the trap of feminism.

It kind of reminds me of a DirecTV commercial. “When your daughter goes to college she gains skills, when she gains skills she feels like putting them to use, when she puts them to use she has less time for children, when she has less time for children she uses contraception. Don’t let your daughter use contraception. Get rid of college and upgrade to Housewife now.”

Yikes! Who is this guy? Scary stuff. :eek:

I’m offended for the women here. Moderator, can we lock this thread?

Well, fix the family pretends to speak for the true teachings of the Catholic church so I’d like to hear the responses. Perhaps there is a way we can lock the thread so women can’t see it. That way the men can continue to discuss without harming the fragile and sensitive nature of the ladies. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally found that nauseating; tbh I was waiting for them to claim that the goal of women should be to be pregnant in the kitchen.

Personally I intend to go to university, not get married and devote my time instead to charity work.

They’re ok with that as long as you never intend to marry. From a response to the article.

Inquiring mind:

I’m having a tough time comprehending what you are saying about women. If a woman’s God given gift is intelligence in the sciences and math and the best way to use those talents is to become a doctor, shouldn’t she use her God given gift? Keeping in mind that in order to achieve this would mean going to college because one cannot learn how to be a doctor in 12 years of high school, even if home schooled. But then, and I am paraphrasing here, you state that a woman’s role is to submit completely and wholly to her husband. This would mean that her role is to support his decisions and vision of a life plan.

You call people to utilize their God given talents. Then state women are better off not to go to college because a woman’s role is to “submit” and not get in the way of a “sole provider”, even if their God given talents would be better served by a college education. I am having trouble understanding because it seems like these two viewpoints are complete opposites. One, that people should use their God given talents to the best of their ability and two, women should not go to college but submit to their husbands because they learned everything they needed to know in high school or through reading later on in life.

Fix the Family-Citadel Catholic Media:

Simple: If a woman is called to be a doctor, scientist, etc and she wants to pursue that career, she should not marry. When women try to work and marry, it does not work. Women who marry should not have a career.

Additionally, the calling to be a mother is a higher calling to any profession any day of the week, including that of a doctor. So that lines up with my saying to use God-given abilities to their greatest extent. The only higher calling for a woman is that of a religious vocation.

I don’t really care about a “career”, it is a means to achieve an end.

I know women who have a career and a family, they found it was quite hard work, but they enjoy it. It can work, it’s hard, but no one claimed the best things are easy.

So, according to the self-proclaimed fix-it man, SAINT**** Gianna Beretta Molla should have never gotten an education? This guy is just another blowhard with a blog and an audience of devoted followers who thinks his ideas trump that of the Catholic Church.

But, what he really means is you don’t want a woman to get an education or a job skill they could actually make a living off of…keep 'em ignorant and in their place and it makes them less likely to leave an abusive situation. Yep, gotta keep the little woman under control at all times. :rolleyes:

Sad thing is, there are groups of “Catholics” (whose faithfulness to the Magisterium is questionable at best) who actually agree with him

I love how they put the words “education” and “respect” in quotes.

It’s annoying to see them set up this heirarchy of women’s callings- single life is below marriage, which is below religious life. It’s also in direct opposition to Scripture, which says people do better not to marry if they can manage to do it without sinning. (Or maybe they think that verse applies only to males?)

I’m going to college. I don’t know whether I’ll ever get married, but college is non-negotiable. I don’t think I’d be able to handle sitting around the house all day, without talking to other adults about fun things like genetics and microbiology. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps we should start a women’s book club about physics, microbiology, genetics, engineering, astronomy, theology, philosophy, medicine, etc. of course the writers of that article would probably disappear because it isn’t “relevant” to what women “need”.

He forgets the part that in today’s world, unless the man can bring in a huge pay check, it’s almost impossible for families to live on one income, even without all of the luxuries.

One can possibly argue that if the feminist movement never occurred the price of living wouldn’t have shot up so much… There is theory to this in that higher supply of workers, same demand = lower salaries and/or inflating prices to match the fact that the average family has two incomes.

Even if that is true, at this point it can’t be reversed and the average family can in no way live on one income.

Part of it is that companies don’t actually want to pay employees a livable wage.

Yeah, I am pretty offended by this website too. It is things like this that make me never want to marry a Catholic man …and it seriously makes me doubt the faith. I am almost done with this religion I think.

Know that appalling sites like this are not representative of the teaching of the Church.

Housewives/SAHMs don’t have to “handle sitting around the house all day”. I had much more free time when I was single and childless. :smiley: But the life I have now is infinitely more fulfilling for me. Incidentally, I thought for some time that I was being called to be a celibate laywoman, and I was happy with that! God had other plans, and I’m thankful for the time I spent single prior to living this vocation! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape. It’s not worth the effort.

Maybe it’s just a matter of timing. I’m thinking of the now deceased Catholic humorist Teresa Bloomingdale. After college, she married, raised ten children, and then began a successful career as a writer. If she’d done it the other way around her biological clock might have run out. They didn’t plan on ten kids, according to her. They planned on twelve.

My niece finished college, got a teaching degree, got married to her high school / college sweetheart, and got a job right away teaching at a public school. After they had their first child, she decided to stay home with the child. Now there are two. She keeps up with her teacher certifications. Is she throwing her education away by being a stay at home mom? I don’t think so.

Sorry, I said something hurtful again.

I think that I, personally, am not very suited for being a SAHM. I’m awful at most housework and find it hard to motivate myself to do it. So for me, even if I were a mother, I’d want to be contributing to society in a way that was more suited to my talents. I don’t think I’d make a very good housewife.

But it’s important for me to remember that some women are very good at running households, and that they are using their talents to the fullest without having a career. If I want the fix the family guy to respect working women when he talks about how amazing SAHM’s are, then I need to respect SAHM’s when I talk about how some women are more suited to careers outside the home. It’s important that each person be able to use his or her talents to the glory of God, and we shouldn’t be tearing others down in an effort to build ourselves up.

So again, sorry. I’ll try to do better in the future.

This stuff bothers me. It really does. It’s not just that the guy is running around telling Catholics how it needs to be, but it’s the lack of any real response from Catholics.

I mean, there could be a good Catholic couple that gets a hold of this type of material and takes it as its word, and that could trap them into a lifetime of abuse or mistreatment.

Here’s an entry from another article on the site:

What’s supposed to happen is that a woman is supposed to meet up with a man who has a vision of life that she can totally give herself to. She can back him up and embrace what he wants to accomplish in life. There will be difficulties, but she’s is willing to accept whatever difficulty to follow him. She supports him and accepts his vision as her own. As he moves more along in achieving his vision, she is so proud of him and falls more deeply in love with him. He sees how passionately she supports him and his vision, and he appreciates the way she has assisted and kindled his zeal to persist and falls more deeply in love with her. So as the relationship progresses it becomes more passionate and more loving; it does not dwindle or fade.

This is real marriage only accomplished one way, God’s way, with wives being submissive to their husbands. Anyone proposing an alternative is pushing a lie, a fallacy.

For a married woman to have any kind of vision, any kind of dream or goal in her life—that is the “wrong” way, that is abhorrent to God apparently. :rolleyes:

I’ve seen some people on here ask why the Church is considered anti-woman. This is why. It’s these types of articles that are the problem. There are too many people like this and we aren’t doing enough to combat their misrepresentations.

My own thought is that being a SAHM is a full time career! My niece once said something about being a ‘freeloader’ because she wasn’t working. I said, wait a minute, from what I’ve seen you ARE working! And more than full time at that!

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