catholics vs. protestant vs. evanglical vs. baptists


why are all these diffrent sects claiming to be right?

now from what i understand catholism is a relgion which is what has been said on here on some of my threads.

and protstant say that evangelicals are wrong, evangelicals say that baptists are wrong, baptists say catholics and protestants are wrong…

now in my opinion this is the greatest threat to any church

but as always, whats your opinion on this subject?


You are misinformed. “Protestant” is a large umbrella term, by most definitions including Baptists (though you will find Baptists who claim not to be Protestants). Evangelicals are a style of Christianity rather than a “sect,” and are even harder to define than Protestants. By most definitions all evangelicals are Protestants (though many people today, including me, would like to change that definition), but all Protestants are not (by the normal definition) evangelicals. Most (though not all) Baptists are evangelicals, but all evangelicals are certainly not Baptists.

It’s as if you were to ask: why are Americans and Romans and Democrats and Confucians four nations always at war with each other?

The answer is that they are not.:wink:



To understand the situation, you need to know a bit about the history of the various churches. The first church was the Catholic Church, and we can rightly claim (along with the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches) to be descended from the apostles themselves. As for all of the other churches you mention, they are all Protestants. All of the Protestant churches were formed less than 500 years ago (or in some cases, much less), from people who split with the Catholic Church (or later, from another Protestant church). The fact that there are so many thousands of Protestant churches these days is evidence that Catholics point to that their whole movement is corrupt.

The difference between the Protestants and the Orthodox is that the Orthodox maintained valid Sacraments, including ordination. Basically, Catholics view the Orthodox churches as being schismatic, but not heretical. Protestants on the other hand, have some crazy teachings, so we consider them heretical (heresy simply means teachings that are not orthodox). Also, no Protestant church has valid orders, and the only Sacrament they have that is valid is baptism.


wow deja’vu…that protastant, evangelicle thing is awefully similar to…all wiccans are pagan but not all pagans are wiccans

but the thing is though, people want me to become part of christianity when they have so many “groups” that pit against one another


Does this automatically mean that every Christian group is therefore wrong?

The way I see things, I believe God would have set up a mechanism such that those who want to know about Him, can know about Him with some certainty. There shouldn’t be such confusion. And this is why Jesus set up a visible, hierarchical church on Earth - protected by the Holy Spirit, with mechanisms in place to combat new errors as they arise.


People love to fight.


Well, presumably the people want you to belong to one sort or another. I don’t see any difficulty there. Take the different sorts of Christianity as you find us.



Getting to the heart of your question…I think…the reason that everyone is pointing a finger at everyone else stems from the Reformation itself.

Luther HAD to extablish some differences in teaching, or nobody would have followed him. This spawned countless other denominations in Protestant circles with each one finding fault with the church that they were a part of and then falling away from that church and changing the doctrine so that they could get others to follow them. The process is never ending.

The good news is that the Catholic Church has stood like a stone wall for 2000 years, and her teaching remains sound.



I’ll take Catholics by a touchdown.:thumbsup:


yeah, if i decided to become a christian, now thats a big IF, i would probly be catholic


Wasn’t it because of this chain of dissidence that Luther eventually withdrew his complaints- saying that unity was more important? It was too late though… the new thoughts spread like wildfire…


My opinion on this subject is that Satan has been trying for 2000 years to tear apart the one Church that Christ founded and he is the author of this confusion - not the Holy Spirit.


If may not be an open door, but it’s at least an open window. You are very open minded.

You are right that there is much snippiness among the Christian faiths. We believe there is an ADVERSARY and we call him Satan. He loves to see us bicker. We prideful humans rise to the occasion every time.

That said…we believe there is necessarily one absolute TRUTH. While it is possible none of the religions “have” the “TRUTH” it is not possible for more than one to “have” it. Bickering commences.

If you like to read, I would like to recommend almost anything by C.S. Lewis, but particularly Surprised by Joy.


IMHO, no matter what path, faith, religion, denomination, you choose, you make it right for you. It may be right for you but not everybody. And I’ve come across a lot of Protestants, all in the one’s you’ve mentioned that do not think their way is the right and only way … and I’m one of them. :smiley:

My SIL is Wiccan. But she definitely is not Pagan. She doesn’t give a hoot about our creation, our lovely world, she’s just concerned with her rituals and what will get her what when she does them…sad in my opinion. I wish she could see nature as something that needs protection. Yet, she has never took action, on her own personal part, to honor nature through recycling, using less paper products, not eating meat…etc…kwim?


Reborn Pagan is right

Divisions are tearing Christianity apart.
Basically anyone who can find a 1 liner in the bible to support their beliefs now can make up their own religion.

Protestantism has become a mix of personal ideas all claiming to have the truth.

We as Catholics should pray for unity so we can more effectively spread the UNCHANGED teachings of Jesus and show how wonderful his message/death/ressurrection was.

Pray, Pray, Pray



You know what…thanks for that! Really, your post is an answer to a prayer of mine, believe it or not. I’ve been here on CF since 2004, left for a while and just recently have come back. In the past year, I have experienced some true, I mean true, hostile and anti-Catholic people around me, and I’ve had to examine the whole Christian philosophy, if I might say. Is it true or not, blah, blah, blah…it just saddens me. But when I look again and again at the Catholic faith, I find an unchanged teaching as you mentioned. Thanks…really!


I think when it comes to these divisions, and attacks on faith by Protestants and Catholics its important to remember the Book of Jonah. Jonah was angry that God did not punish the Ninevites as he said he would, instead he showed them mercy. Instead Jonah showed more concern over the death of the plant that gave him shade than the lives of the Ninevites that God spared. How many times have we, as Christians from different demonitations, been hung up on the plant, the small things, to where we don’t see the bigger picture. Who are we, as humans, to claim to know God’s plan or to question his mercy?


Freudian slip? :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


…she might wanna be told that wicca is part of the umbrella of pagan faiths, and from what you told me she isn’t really what you would call a ‘wiccan’…rituals are sacred,nature is vital and must be treated with respect. now i do eat meat (yes i know meat is murder, but its tasty delcious murder :slight_smile: ) soo she might be like someone i know who is a satanist but says he’s wiccan.


She has a long way to come reborn_pagan! Even in the Wiccan community…kwim? As for being a Satanist, nope, she doesn’t even believe in Satan…so that part she fits well in the Pagans/Wiccans.

FWIW, I am VERY familiar with Paganism and Wicca because in addition to my SIL, I have a friend who is Pagan (not Wiccan).

Put the meat down! You must! And you know why.

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