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American Catholics need to wake up and fight back against our secular godless society and we must make every effort to convert as many souls as possible. Fr. John Harden wrote a nice article about how we should bring up kids in this sinful world.

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Excerpt from the late Fr. John Harden written in 2002:

"Why Develop the Eucharist Formation of the Young
We cannot even begin to answer this question “Why develop the Eucharistic formation of the young?” unless we assume that our nation needs a moral conversion.
During his talks in Denver for the World Youth Day last year, Pope John Paul told the young people to “Pray that America might not lose its soul.” The soul of America is Christianity. Christianity is the principle of our national life. As our nation becomes increasingly dechristianized, it loses more and more of its source of vitality. Unless the moral disease is cured, America as the nation we still call the United States will disappear.

But there is another and deeper meaning to America’s danger of losing its soul. Individuals lose their souls when they die estranged from God. There is such a thing as a second death, which means everlasting separation from God in what Christ calls eternal punishment. This is the awful prospect awaiting not just single persons, but whole societies, unless they repent and return to the God from whom they have separated by their stubborn resistance to His will.

Sin-laden America. It is remarkable what a dream world people can be living in. By all material standards, America is a prosperous country. We are the best fed, most expensively clothed, most comfortably housed, most conveniently transported, most lavishly entertained large nation in human history.

But we are also a world leader in sin. I like St. Augustine’s definition. “Sin,” he says, “is nothing else than the neglect of eternal things and seeking after temporal things.” In other words, the very affluence of our country in having access to so many satisfying creatures here on earth is a demonic seduction that lures people from the love of eternal things.

When I say “world leader in sin,” I mean this literally. Not satisfied with world leadership in adultery, contraception, fornication and sodomy, our American State department for months before the UN Cairo Conference in 1994, broadcast to all nations that, and I quote, “the United States believes that access to safe, legal and voluntary abortion is a fundamental right of all women.”

We are still answering the question “Why develop the Eucharistic formation of the young?” Our answer is:

Because otherwise our young Catholics will become what their American peers already are—in large measure victims of an anti-Christian militia that dominates our media and political system.

Because, as we enter the twenty-first century, we need a well-formed, deeply committed and powerfully motivated Catholic leadership, which is the children and young people of today."


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