Catholics: What ONE thing keeps Protestants from converting?


There may be multiple factors for each individual, but what to you think is the single most important reason/factor/theological block that Protestants have against the Catholic Church.

Methinks the basis is a refusal of Apostolic/Magisterial authority/Tradition. I’d say everything else flows from that.

What sayest thou?


Devotion to Our Lady.

This is probably somewhat unique to Texas, where Marian devotion is considered a “Mexican Thing” and elements of racism cloud the issue.


if one can’t accept the church’s authority it makes perfect sense that one won’t be able to accept many of the doctrines of the church.especially the Marian doctrines and purgatory doctrine.trace of indulgences.i may not be able to even remotely defend purgatory but i accept it becuase the church has said it.


Lack of knowledge of the true Catholic faith


I think it’s complete lack of knowledge Church history and the importance of the concept of Jesus starting One, Holy, Universal and Apostolic church. People just don’t know (not so much protestants here at CAF, but the general protestant population). I think it trumps misconceptions about the Catholic faith because they don’t even know their roots in our church and don’t realize they should care. :frowning:


I live in a predominently Protestant area and in my experience, if you let people talk long enough and get past “The Pope” and “graven images”, what always comes out eventually is a deep suspicion of anything that smacks of mysticism. And, even in a “sophisiticated” metropolitan area like the one I live in, there are still ministers specifically preaching against Catholicism from the pulpits. Traditions die hard. (Sorry…that was two…)


many Protestants today are looking to find/create a church that fits their personal lifestyle/beliefs instead of submitting to the one, true Church that has clear guidelines (which all make complete sense by the way) As a convert, I look back at my old Protestant ways and just laugh.

in the south there is a lot of ignorance regarding Catholicism, Church history, Mary, etc. Everyone down here claims to be “Saved”, and they even re-baptize Catholics who convert to Protestantism.


The same reason many of us are Catholic. We were brought up in a certain faith, taught to believe it and that it is the right one and therefore do not want to be wrong by changing.


the question of authority
most candidates who come from evangelical or mainstream Protestant denoms spend their first weeks and month grappling with Peter, the keys, the magesterium, how the Church was founded, and accepting that the CC today embodies the authority handed by Christ to the apostles. They find they can’t move on unless and until they grasp the one, holy, catholic and apostolic marks of the Church.

that is the doctrinal roadblock I see most often

the practical roadblock is issues related to marriage


The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.


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