Catholics when you see something anti-catholic posted on social media do you ever initiate a debate or conversation?


Let’s say someone posted an anti-catholic picture on for example Instagram. Do you ever comment on those pictures trying to correct or help the person understand what the Catholic Church teaches?

If yes has doing this brought any good results is that you’ve seen? I’m just wanting to hear testimonies. I also don’t know if I should initiate conversations/ non-heated debates when I see something anti-catholic as I’m scrolling or on Instagram.


Sometimes. I tend to pick my battles. If I think it’s something that I can have an educated, civil discussion on - yes.

If it’s something that will just be thrashing around in the mud, no.


You’d be trying to “boil the ocean” to react to all that stuff. Reacting just gives people a target to shoot at. Did Christ try to argue with every person jeering him on the road to Calvary?



How close are you to the poster?
Do they usually engage in civil discourse well?
Are you posting under a pseudonym?
Will friends of yours see this?


This forum is the beginning and end of my social media, I’m not interested in the others.


I have done this many times. In fact i stopped a magazine that had anti-Catholic info that was incorrect. I have even gotten apologies . What I really hate is when sports announcers site it was a “Hail Mary.” This is so blatantly anti-catholic.


Was it a non-religious magazine? Like a non-Christian one?


It was Good Housekeeping.


I will sometimes stop to leave a comment, usually something along the lines of “I’m not here to argue, but this isn’t what the Catholic Church teaches. The Catholic Church teaches . . … Even if you disagree with our theology/reasoning, I hope to at least make our side a little clearer.” Then I’d remind anyone who tried to argue that I wasn’t there to argue, and maybe add a little comment that says something like “if you want to learn what the Catholic Church really teaches, try a Catholic site, not an anti-catholic site that will misconstrue and misrepresent the information”.

Often I get replies of people wanting to argue, but there are some people who will come around and say something like, “ah, I do not agree with you, but now I understand the Catholic position better, and it is different from what I thought.” And that’s always nice.

You’re not always going to get positive results and you’re not always going to get negative results. But that’s expected from the Internet. The biggest thing is that you’re being charitable in your discussions, startig discussions and not arguments, and that you’re not being forceful about it.


I don’t do Instagram. On other platforms, it depends. Sometimes it seems that the person just has bad information; in that case, I might try to provide the correct info. But the anti-Catholic ranters? No, I don’t waste my time.


I have in the past. It usually doesn’t get you anywhere or change anyone’s mind, but at least I put the truth out there. If you are directly responding on someones personal site there is a good chance your posts will be deleted. Which is the reason I tend to only talk on this forum anymore.

In the end you need to choose your battles. If you are bored and have nothing else to do go for it. If you find a better use of your time is learning something, I would stick with the good folks on this site.

God Bless



There are a lot of trolls that need fed, I try to let others deal with that.


I did last week - on Facebook -
The photo was of a Chalice and the Eucharist -

The words - said - I’m paraphrasing -
“;I wanted to go to the barroom for some hair of the dog and cookies…
Stumbled into church - and had all these - “

It was a motorcycle guy who posted it -

I replied with a Catholic death video - that spoke of Hell -
I was surprised he didn’t reply back to my reply though !


Isn’t a “Hail Mary” simply a last ditch football throw, or something along those lines? What’s so anti-Catholic about having a shoutout to Our Lady in a sporting event?


Catholic QB Roger Staubach is the one who first came up with referring to last second desperation throws in football as a “Hail Mary”.

It isn’t anti catholic


Football throw?

How can you throw a ball with your foot?


Perhaps you missed the latest news, the Forward pass using the arm was legalized in football


This throw but not with his foot.


No, the forward pass in football is something like this


All the time on Facebook. Since anti-Catholics seem to outnumber faithful, knowledgeable Catholics in comment sections, I feel I have to set the record straight, lest someone blindly accept what they say.

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