Catholics when you see something anti-catholic posted on social media do you ever initiate a debate or conversation?


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In America, all sorts of things are possible.


I don’t usually, but I have shut down some “catholic” discussions on Father JM’s Facebook page by pointing out what the church teaches and by pointing out the illogic of the general direction of the discussion.


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I replied sort of like that on another forum where the person said she left the Church because she could no longer believe that Heaven was where you sit on a fluffy cloud all day playing a harp.
(No, I’m not making this up)
So I said, in a neutral way, that the Church doesn’t actually teach this.
I got a bunch of likes (from Catholics and non-Catholics!).
The poster came back and claimed she never said such a thing (although it was right there a few posts above me and she didn’t even edit it)
I didn’t reply. I figured there was no point in prolonging the nonsense




Not really. I tend to correct if they interpret the Bible wrongly at times. Recently I corrected someone about suffering (he was trashing the religion because Christians say that God does things for a reason but I basically told him that God doesn’t cause evil, but allows it). He didn’t argue back, which was neat.

But usually I keep quiet/report the post if it’s inflammatory.


I used to do it often but not in ‘grace and charity’. I was often very aggressive and even rude at times. This drove a lot of people away and ended a lot of relationships in my family (although at the time I didn’t know this is why they pushed me out). The Lord did eventually ‘open my eyes’. I now only respond VERY rarely and often only to the most egregious posts. I try to respond gently and with truth in charity. If I feel I’m too emotional to respond in a neutral manner I scroll by.

In my experience it can sometimes lead to a good discussion but more often than not the people who post such things are not open to being corrected.


Very simply, but then again I’m half monkey… :monkey_face:


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