Catholics who do NOT practice veneration of Mary or the Saints...

If you’re a Catholic who does not venerate Mary or the Saints, what are your spiritual exercises? Do you have a prayer life, and if so what kind of prayer do you tend to pray?

The Most Holy Trinity.
Though Mary is the Mediatrix of All Graces, so it is better not to cut corners…
You may not have devotion but pray nevertheless…
Pray is not a “feeling” it is an action, a work, like the Benedictins said: “Ora et Labora”

I don’t believe it’s possible to be a Catholic and not venerate the Blessed Mother.

What do you mean by veneration, exactly?

I’ve been reading Divine Mercy in my Soul by Saint Maria Faustina and I believe the relationship Saint Maria Faustina has with Jesus and our Blessed Mother is exemplary.

It’s all about Jesus. And Mary protects Maria Faustina and teaches her about her son.

Saint Maria Faustina in turn, venerates Mary as she should. There is no undue fixation on the Mother, while ignoring the Son.

It is hard for me to imagine not venerating our Blessed Mother, or asking for the intercession of fellow members of the Body of Christ who are with the Lord. (saints).

Of course the Blessed Trinity is first and foremost, but I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful family in the Lord!

On the other hand, I heard a missioner many years ago, say from the pulpit, “Your salvation depends on your devotion to Mary!”
I thought then, as I think now, this statement to be over the top.

A devotion to Our Blessed Mother and the Saints is vital in trying to obtain everlasting life.

If you ask them to pray for you, you have a better chance of joining Our Heavenly Father in His Kingdom.

I wear the Brown Scapular, and The Blessed Mother said, “Whosoever dies wearing this scapular shall not suffer eternal fire”:smiley:

THIS IS AWESOME!!! and EVERYONE should wear one!!:thumbsup::):smiley:

God Bless You!!!:slight_smile:

Even if they died in mortal sin?

Indeed. Lumen Gentium says this in Para 67
67. This most Holy Synod deliberately teaches this Catholic doctrine and at the same time admonishes all the sons of the Church that the cult, especially the liturgical cult, of the Blessed Virgin, be generously fostered,…But it exhorts theologians and preachers of the divine word to abstain zealously both from all gross exaggerations as well as from petty narrow-mindedness in considering the singular dignity of the Mother of God.


Can you point me to where the Church teaches that such devotion is “Vital” (as in necessary)? Thank you.


I’m not sure what you mean by “venerate” here but I assume you are referring to those who do not have a special devotion or pray regularly to Mary and the Saints…
I am one such person, though I certainly does not mean that I don’t Love and venerate our Blessed Mother or my Saintly Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

As to my prayer life, yes I have one, though it is not as strong as it should be. I pray every evening before bed, I pray during the day (ejaculatory prayers) - I don’t do a lot of Morning prayers except for a quick thank you to God for the day.
The Majority of my prayers are actually directed (as Jesus instructed) to our Heavenly Father. Few are terribly formal or prepared, though I have a couple of short prayers of my own devising that I use.
I also pray the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet on a Rosary blessed by my Great treat uncle more than 80 years ago…


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I wear the Brown Scapular, and The Blessed Mother said, “Whosoever dies wearing this scapular shall not suffer eternal fire”

No! She would be sure the scapular would be removed before death.

In my short return to the church I have receive many graces from Mary, the Saints, and Arch Angels. It seems to me that they are the messengers. The front line between the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Father. To know Mary, the Saints, and Arch Angels, you know the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Father. I feel as if I’m praying to, and with my family. I don’t have to. But it feels right and just. Wearing the Brown Scapular I don’t commit mortal sins. Because Mary, and the Holy Spirit are with me at all times. Telling my soul what is right and wrong. An ever reminder with me at all times. It must be working because Satan is nothing more than a Whisper. I can’t even begin to explain the answered prayers.

Thank You Jesus!
Thank You God!
Thank You Holy Spirit!
Thank You Mary!
Thank You St. Jude!
Thank You St. Therese!
Thank You Saint Michael, the Archangel!
Thank You all the Saints for your Help!

Peace Be With You!


I do not know if the Church says this is vital or not, what I meant by saying that was your chances will be much greater if you have the Mother of Jesus on your side than if you go it alone.:slight_smile:

The fact that the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the Feast of the Assumption are Holy Days of obligation should tell you something.

Thank you for clarifying this. It concerns me when such comments are made as they can be misunderstood by others who are not as familiar in the faith. This especially true of our protestant brothers and sisters who might be looking in.

To your comment above –
With all due honor to our blessed lady, the way to have her on"your side" is for us to be on Jesus’ side. :smiley:
If we are on “Jesus” side, then Mary and all the saints are for us, whether we pray to them or not.

Don’t get me wrong I have no objection to intercessory prayer, I just with to guard against anyone getting the wrong impression of Church teaching.


Dear losh,

I tend to agree with Seamus L who said: “I don’t believe it’s possible to be a Catholic and not venerate the Blessed Mother.” The reason that I agree is because God’s Revelation in Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church all point to the unique veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and to veneration of the saints as well. When we pray the Creed, we profess our faith: I believe in the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of saints…" If we are professing belief then we need to live the truth we profess. Again, I recommend that you read and ponder slowly paragraphs in the Catechism referring to Mary especially, but also to the Communion of saints.

For instance:

**CCC 1474 - ** The Christian who seeks to purify himself of his sin and become holy with the help of God’s Grace is not alone. The life of each of God’s children is joined in Christ and through Christ in a wonderful way to the life of all other Christian brethren in the supernatural unity of the Mystical Body of Christ.

CCC 1475 - In the communion of saints, "a perennial link of charity exists between the faithful who have already reached their heavenly home…

CCC 956 - The intercession of the saints. Being more closely united to Christ, those who dwell in heaven fix the whole Church more firmly in holiness…

In another thread I already recommended paragraphs 963 ff which explain the Virgin Mary’s role in the mystery of the Church. I hope you will read and ponder these beautiful truths to be lived.

Love is always a free choice. I venerate Mary and the saints not only because I know it is true to do so. I really love them. It is difficult for me to understand why some would choose not to venerate the Mother of God, the Mother whom Jesus gave us from His Cross. I find it hard to understand why persons would not rejoice in our brothers and sisters who have gone before us living such holy lives. Why would we not ask them to intercede for us, and thank them and our Blessed Mother for their prayers and their love for us? :slight_smile:

Sometimes I find it hard to relate my life to Mary’s, in that I did almost nothing she did (in terms of day to day life, not relating to the Incarnation or Jesus.) But I love her and say her rosary everyday, and try to imitate the virtues I learn therin. I used to practice de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary, but don’t now because I just didn’t like putting myself into it. Its not that I’m alzy, but I thought its better to be honest to myself, since I don’t like complicated devotions. I find I personally relate better to my patrons Thomas Aquinas and Anthony of Padua, but esp. Aquinas, because I have a similar personality to him, and we both enjoy studying (and you know I have a good relationship when I talk about our shared interests:D)

I believe in the Communion of Saints, in which Mary had THE leading role as Mother of our Lord and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

However, I have never noticed any benefit in my life from praying to Mary or any other saint. I already have a direct line to the Father through Jesus, and I concentrate my prayer life on Him.

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In reality, I want into the Church just to be a part of the Church. Nothing special. I just feel like being of the Church would be cool. I want to skip everything, but I don’t think it’s fair that I’m not really allowed to do that. Can’t I just read a book about it or something? It’s way easier.

I think that you give a good answer here.

Each of us are different. Some, like jgs777, obviously find great benefit from devotion to Our Lady and the communion of saints.
Others, like yourself and me, prefer to pray directly to God (either in the person of the Father or in the person of Jesus).

In the view of the Church, both are correct and acceptable.


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