Catholics who vote for those who kill the innocent are-

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I would advise everyone to read the guide from our US Bishops. Individual speakers, writers, you-tubers, priests, may have opinions however those are to be weighted against our Bishops’ wisdom:


I disagree with Fr. Mark on several points.

First he claimed that government leaders have killed…(no, wait, he corrected himself and continued) or have been responsible for the deaths of millions…etc. The ones who are responsible for those deaths are the mothers who sought the abortions and the doctors who performed them. The government leaders he spoke of did not order any abortions.

Second point: Any voter who votes for such a politician is complicit in the murder of those babies and has blood on his hands. I totally disagree.

Third point: If you vote for such a person, you might spend eternity in hell. The word “might” shows that even Fr. Mark is not so sure of this connection that he is willing to say "you will spend eternity in hell.

What is true is that abortion is a terrible sin, and all faithful Christians, and especially Catholics, should consider it to be a terrible sin. What is not so clear is to what extent Catholics have a duty to prevent that sin for being committed. That is a matter for prudential judgement, not a matter for the degree of specifics mentioned by Fr. Mark. Instead of cherry-picking which priest to listen to based on political ideology, it would be better to listen to our bishops and their statement of Faithful Citizenship, or talk to your own parish priest.


The Church presentation is more accurate. Even his initial statement is not correct. Size does not determine morality. If a car swerves in front of you and you hit and kill a smaller person in that car, you have not necessarily done wrong, just because you outweigh that person. I know this sounds silly, but it is what his adjectives say. He leaves out the critical part of intent, because then it would match with Church doctrine, but leave the possibility for a vote other than Republicans.

Abortion is by far our most serious issue, but it cannot be our only issue. For one thing, as history is now teaching us, if we become single-issue voter in large enough quantity, then the Republican Party can abandon all morality, knowing it is electable on one issue. We could have leaders who lie, cheat, commit treason, and ignore the environment, and the lives that die for the expediency of industry.


I think climate change is a serious issue, but I see grown adults now talking about the “climate apocalypse” and the collapse of civilization and they don’t want to being kids into a world that won’t exist in 30 years and I’m just like “uh… what now?”


You may want to re-think that one. Or at least rephrase it. As any biologist/ecologist will tell you, and every social worker for that matter, the environment in intrinsically tied to life and quality of life.

I agree with you though. The world will not end, and the earth can rebound from anything we we do…eventually. But failure to respond to climate change can absolutely result in human life needlessly lost. Especially those in lesser developed nations… which also happen to be in the areas most affected by climate change, perhaps not coincidentally.


Need to make this priest a bishop!!!


I’m pretty sure he was referring to governments like Nazi Germany & how the Chinese communists would force abortions on mothers who already had one kid.


China is also doing this. As we know.


Really? That would kind of undercut his admonition against “stupid Catholics”, wouldn’t it? I mean, we are not voting for Hitler. And so far the only communist government that has ordered abortions is China.

I am reasonably sure he was referring to US politicians who have a policy of keeping abortions legal.


Not even Catholic, but if I’m ever in Ottawa, I will definitely go to a mass at his parish.


he’s not American.

He is the director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston Texas. He was speaking to Americans about American elections.


From a commentary on psalm 118 by St. Ambrose
"In another place we read: Do not let sin be king in your mortal body. You see the kings before whom you are made to stand, those who sit in judgment over sinners, where sin is in control. There are as many kings as there are sins and vices; it is before these kings that we are led and before these we stand. These kings have their thrones in many hearts. But if anyone acknowledges Christ, he immediately makes a prisoner of this kind of king and casts him down from the throne of his own heart. How shall the devil maintain his throne in one who builds a throne for Christ in his heart?" I think it would be very easy to change the word king to politicians who approve of killing the innocent.

You are taking what he said and mixing it all up. I don’t know how you could have gotten it so mixed up. I thought he was pretty easy to understand.

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Not anymore. He’s now pastor at St. Mary’s in Ottawa, Canada.

Canadian elections are this month. Since the video was posted today, and he’s been back in Canada since June; I would be willing to bet $100 that he is more focused on the upcoming election in Canada and was primarily talking to them.

However, he’s doing this on YouTube. So one can argue that he wasn’t talking to just Canadians. He was talking to the Americans, Australians, British, and any other Catholic around the world who speaks English too.

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I like how Archbishop Sample states it:


Well, if that is the case, I guess I will totally ignore him.

He recently left the CCC in Houston and is now back in Canada

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