to launch a national TV commerical

When I heard the calling of God to come Home to the Church this summer, a cousin of mine directed me to and this morning on EWTN radio, this was announced: (includes a preview of the ad)

No doubt you have seen the commercials from the Mormons, Methodists, Scientologists (thanks to ex-Catholic Tom Cruise) and even Atheists recruiting viewers to come to their church. So many ask: where are the Catholics? With so many fallen-away Catholics, why don't we use the mass media to help our fellow Catholics return to Jesus and His Church?

Did you know that 70% of baptized Catholics worldwide no longer practice their faith?

But now there's hope - an answer. Good News! Incredibly, finally, your prayers - and ours have been answered.

For the past three years Catholics Come Home® has helped well over 300,000 inactive Catholics (and converts) come home in 30 dioceses from Boston to Seattle, Chicago to Atlanta, Sacramento to Charlotte. But now, you and I have the opportunity to make an incredible and lasting first time ever impression on 250 million viewers coast-to-coast on national network television - in PRIME TIME - on the most popular shows.

About time!

Excellent news.

What a beautiful ad! Hope this gets lots of airplay.

Until “Catholics Come Home” does more to target singles, who are fleeing church in droves because everything (homilies, etc.) is geared towards couples and families with kids, I don’t see it making much of a difference. As a single who’s not a divorcee, I rarely feel so isolated and alone as I do in a Catholic church, and I know there are others who feel the same way. Is that a good enough reason to not come home to Rome? Um, actually, yes it is, considering I can’t spend an hour with our Lord if I’m dead because I committed suicide. So, “Catholics Come Home” needs to focus more on the singles who have been chased away.

I dont really understand why you would feel alone at Church, the Lord is there present and you are receiveing Him. How less alone of a moment could there possibly be?

Thank you so much for bringing this organization to my attention again. :) Because of the ad going national I decided to make a donation. Its not a great amount but every little drop helps. I encourage others to do so as well.

God bless

Hate to say it, but the Church could do a much better job of reaching out to single laypersons. I'm married now, but spent my twenties and thirties single, not divorced or separated, and for me, some of the worst times were being in church on holidays like Christmas and Easter with all those happy families around. At times I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb. Nowadays, I'm married to a Lutheran man. We don't have any children, and that was not our choice. We are too old to adopt an infant. So I still attend Mass alone. It's not as painful as it used to be when I was single, but on those occasions where I've managed to drag him to Midnight Mass, it was a real thrill to feel like I "belonged," whatever that means. And quite frankly, because of my marriage situation, and the fact that I usually attend Mass by myself, I tend to prefer the very early morning Masses or the weekday Masses to eleven o'clock Mass!

The single life is a valid vocation, and there are some people who probably should not marry and do not have a vocation to Holy Orders or the consecrated life. They're not freaks of nature, most of them (like most of any other vocational group) are fully functioning adults, but it perhaps is a societal bias that they do tend to get marginalized somewhat in parish life. The unspoken message seems to be that the single life is a waystop between high school and a "real" vocation like Holy Orders, the consecrated life, or marriage! I remember feeling invisible when I was among the single Catholic ranks, even though I knew that I had much talent and many abilities that I could contribute because of my lack of family responsibilities. What I did was get involved in volunteering for some of the social justice causes that the Church addressed, like a soup kitchen and daily phone calls to shut-ins, and I'd suggest some Church-related volunteer work to anyone who has had the same feelings. It helps our sense of "ownership," so to speak.

I think the commercial is great, as it highlights the influence on civilization that the Church has had, but even in this presentation you see the procreative bias a little.

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